Now it can be! All non-refillable alcohol


Do you want to have some alcohol but want to be a food? You are not alone.

From the early days of the early days, the man has been struggling with the difficult problem: is it worth drinking when you are feeling next on the next day?

But now you can solve it on the way! He is a British researcher David Nutt Imperial Collage in London that develops preservative drink, which completely eradicates alcohol.

Yes, read it correctly. Alcohol is a source of joy and happiness, but does not harm your health in any way.

The producer, called Alcarelle, is currently being tested and it is hoped that he will soon be able to download it. According to Nutt, the agent should not have the same carcinogenic effects on alcohol, and should not complete it.

According to Nutt, it won't really matter how much Alcarelle you are getting, you won't be disabled.

– We know what habitats of the brain are affected by alcohol. It's complicated, but it is possible to focus on these areas, according to Nutt to The Guardian.

He is currently preparing the police a lot, and has received millions of pounds.

"Particularly complicated"

Looks good to be true? Yes, the danger is that it is really hard to make alcohol using baking.

We identified the inspector of alcohol and the doctor Kai Knudsen at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and asked questions. Knudsen believes that the idea is interesting, but wants to emphasize that Nutt is highly controversial in the world of research, especially considering his Liberal platform for drugs.

– It's a very encouraging idea, but it's not that easy. As I understand it, he has not finished products, and he does not say what it is about, Knudsen says t Nyheter24.

And, to create a way that only takes a few minutes to give the least effect it is so complicated.

– I don't think it will really happen. This is complicated, there are many examples in the story where one tried to replace other dangerous substances and made it badly unpredictable, said Kai Knudsen and he goes up t examples such as GHB and heroin.

So, you might not be able to expect this will be available soon?

– The idea is tempting but it's naive. Alcohol is greater than just poison, it is about flavor, culture and produced by thousands of years of history, Knudsen says.

ADDITIONAL: Here, poor reporter News24 Sebastian is getting the synagogue well – and testing the recognized rebox.

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