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In the eighteenth and last season, fans of the most popular television series that have liked to have a & # 39; waiting for them last summer, and they will be coming to April next year.

There are not many television shows that cause fever like this, such as Game of the Thrones – perhaps because creators have been able to; allow spectators to wait. He has been waiting for all this since August last when HBO took the seventh season of the series.

Although they started eighteen and at the same time recording the last season in October 2017, it was immediately clear that the answer would be on how these fantastic scenes would end up well. At the beginning of this year, HBO published that this is the highlight of the eighth season in 2019, but now the enthusiastic games with an introduction are a bit more precise – the season starts around end of the Royal Games in April next year.

They also published a new "Eraser" with scenes from the coming season:

Acting representative of the series David Benioff explained this September why the last season should wait for a long time. "We have not done something so much," he said, "although there are only six programs in this season, almost all of it has been prepared and scheduled for almost a year. It's amazing that the team has and I think people understand why they see why it took so long. "

When the Royal Games are over, a new series is linked to it

It's not the final season of the game of the Trout Games – HBO is already planning a new group of the series. In the summer, they have confirmed that they are preparing a "prequel" series, with a story that's happening ahead of what we saw in the Training Games. Recently, they also revealed that it will appear in one of the key roles Naomi WattsSouth Westerly

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