Now Jamie Day shows new dreams


Before leaving the country, the airport will have football players. On the Image collection

The under-23 team will camp for 10-day preparation in Qatar. In front of A-23 AFC in Bahrain, young men will camp for 10-day preparation in Qatar. A coach at Bangladesh Jamie Dey has left for Qatar to join the Jubo Dal

Jamie Dey returns to Dhaka with the national team a few hours rest today, Juba Dalla shouted in Qatar, in Qatar. In front of an appropriate AFC 23 A-23 program in Bahrain, young people will camp for 10-day training camps in the Middle East country. After that, the winner of the ticket will be the U-23 AFC Competition.

The Bangladesh team will be in the B & # 39 Group; keeping Palestine and Sri Lanka in it, including Bahrain Bahrain and Palestine will continue to emerge in the fight for the last time. At the end of the country's competitive tournament, 16 countries will compete in the first round. He hosts Thailand with 11 athletes together and the top four in the event of a winner from the Thailand Group Champions or fourth in the second round, where a fifth is ranked second. chance in the last event.

Entrance to the certificate says that the final ticket is very difficult for Bangladesh. But Jamie doesn't want to lose it before he goes to the field. If the team plays better in Bahrain, the final game appears to be played. The 39-year-old coach is weighing on a 10-day Qatar camp. The red green keepers are expected to play two Qatar warming games. From there the team will go to Bahrain on 21 March.

Bangladesh plays really well under the English coach Jamie. Under his leadership, Qatar has played in the second stage of Asian Games for the first time in history, losing Qatar to Asia. Bangladesh has lost Cambodia in their new international game Robiul Hasan, the gamekeeper Mahbubur Rahman Civil Suede 11 players in the Bahrain team. Jamie shows a new dream, a Qatar camp is important for Bahrain's certificate. We hope to be able to prepare well-prepared Bahrain. In addition to that, the boys have grown very confidently after winning the final game against Cambodia. Jubo Dal has responsibility for sport within the national team. The certificate is very difficult. However, if you can achieve the best option, he can go over the certificate with enough points. "But Bangladesh is ahead of the Bahrain and Palestine guests in the final fight.

On 22 March, young people will kick-start appropriate games with guests. The next match is against Pakistan on 24 March and Sri Lanka on 26 March. Suhfil, one of the party's members who wants to surprise the people after the nation, said: “Cambodia will be inspired in Bahrain. The crew members of the game are good. We are interested in surprise that they were not surprised. I think we can.

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