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Lu Xiuyan decided to resign from the legislation
Name ▲ Lu Xiuyan, Minister of State Kuomintang Taichung, was appointed as a member of the Statutory Council (Photo / Reporter Liu Rongjun photo 2018.11.20)

Lu Xiuyan decided to resign his position from the legislation

Confirming & # 39; Determination to break the boat, Lu Xiuyan, Minister of State Kuomintang Taichung, held an emergency news conference on the afternoon "Main Statement: Decision" on the afternoon of the 20th. He nominated his position as a member of the Legislative Council and went into the election of a Taichung seaman. She said she will not give her own fruit. If you are unsuccessful, you will not accept the situation without being subdivided.

Interview NOWnews by Li Xiyu Live

A nine-year election campaign in Taiwan lasted for a week, and NOWnews news today on the 20th from day to 12:00 p.m. to 12:30, through the live broadcast to assist voters by interviewing. This time, Taipei Li Xiyu's NOWnews leader of Taiwan's boatman has today's news in North & West, expressing his thoughts on the night economy, the huge cruelty problem and the repositioning of Songshan Airport. At the same time, I took up the questions from the newspaper and I took the live interaction from webpages. Listen to me together and I said what he said.

Choose to be inclusive, Zheng Hongyi, South Korea, Yu: I am also struggling

Ms. Zheng Hongyi, Kaohsiung Mayor, Chen Qimai, was elected to Korea, "we will be sold by him," and said historian of the retirement of LINE Zhang Yaqin that Yu Korea was South to China for Dr Peking University study. Class, and the "Taiwan fan" with a businessman with the Chinese Communist Party, said that Yu's disasters in South Korea had been heard red. On the 20th, Korea was go to Taipei Area Audit Office to make a case for Zheng Hongyi. But at the end, he agreed not to say

Hanliu burned to Taipei! Ding Shouzhong "night attack"

KMT Kaohsiung Advocate in Korea "refers to" the "Night Attack" weapon song at the event, which makes the song red squirrels. The "Korean" stock was also swept by Taipei, and people were at the time of KMT Taipei master, Ding Shouzhong 20th. Also singing "Attack Night", the people built on the banner and the banner was very emotional.

Kuomintang Taipei, Ding Shouzhong, winner, said on the 20th that he is a deputy profession as his home manager and accelerating urban renewal after his election. (Photograph / Narrator Ye Tengjun, picture 2018.11.20) "width =" 1800 "height =" 1200 "class =" size-full wp-image-3079612 "srcset =" wp -content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542720939-526fbfa5a13ffee454f392fee29e9566.jpg 1800w, 300w, https: // www / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542720939-526fbfa5a13ffee454f392fee29e9566-768x512.jpg 768w, . Jpg 1024w, 696w, 11 / 1542720939-526fbfa5a13ffee454f392fee29e9566-1392x928.jpg 1392w, 1068w, Content / increase Wp / 2018/11 / 1542720939-526fbfa5a13ffee454f392fee29e9566-63 0x420.jpg 630w, 1260w "sizes = "(max-width: 1800px) 100vw, 1800px
Kuomintang Taipei, Ding Shouzhong, winner, said on the 20th that he is a deputy profession as his home manager and accelerating urban renewal after his election. (Photograph / Narrator Ye Tengjun, picture 2018.11.20)

New City City Group voting people. Member of the House of Representatives Su Shichang: A & # 39; town on the law

Kuomintang, the main candidate of Su Shichang, washed a team in the Banqiao District street in the 20th century. The team made the whole course according to the usual practices, and indicated the road map to save the street on its; online market. In response to news about the New Taipei City Government against Su Shichang, the victim of the suspect was dismissed. The law describes the voting bills, Su Shichang believes that the government knows that; The law is that the law is a bad evidence.

Fluid pig Pig spread in mainland Conservatives China uncontrolled meat 2 pieces of virus

Pig's fever infection on mainland China is still spreading. The Finance Ministry Tax and Taxation Department, from 1 August to 11 November, the Excise and Taxation Department has introduced 1,818 of the imported ingredients and its weight 4515. Kg, a & # 39; introducing two youngsters; back from China's mainland, the COA has also examined the African pig fever virus and punished him. Customs applied to the public to carry no meat from countries and regions such as Chinese pig plague areas such as China. Sign in to avoid penalties.

Wang Bai was going to the show, the crew stabbed his leg; first person in the middle school

Lamigo's peggy team today says that Wang Borong "Big King" outdoors challenged the Japanese situation by entering the school. The Japanese Ham team won the application. Here is & # 39; The first time in 29 years has been played by the national team.

▲ Yes Professional Competition League League Lamigo Taotao vs. Uniform 7-ELEVEn Leòmhann, Lamigo Tao Tao Wang Bairong. (Picture / Reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.03) "width =" 3421 "height =" 2532 "class =" size-full wp-image-3049403 "srcset =" -content /uploads/2018/11/1541252360-d17e6adcf51639be7aa3e2ce03b2c1e1.jpg 3421w, 300w, https: // www .nownews .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11/1541252360-d17e6adcf51639be7aa3e2ce03b2c1e1-768x568.jpg 768w, jpg 1024w, 80w, 11/1541252360-d17e6adcf51639be7aa3e2ce03b2c1e1-485x360.jpg 485w, 696w, wp- Suspaint / uploads / 2018/11/1541252360-d17e6adcf5 1639be7aa3e2ce03b2c1e1-1392x10 30.jpg 1392w, 1068w, / uploads / 2018/11/1541252360-d17e6adcf51639be7aa3e2ce03b2c1e1-567x420.jpg 567w, 1135w "sizes =" (max -width: 3421px) 100vw, 3421px
▲ Lamigo Tao Yu Wang Bairong. (Photograph / Reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.03)

Today / night weather begins through the north-east water level rise

Today (21st), the western half of the day is still white and sunny, the high temperature will rise again, the high temperatures can reach about 29, 30 degrees, but some of the local short illnesses in the half East and the northern fossil area, the temperature is high at 27, 28 degrees; The temperature in the north end and Yilan is a & n; become colder. There was some rainfall in the north and eastern end, and short-term waters were in the mid and southern mountains of the river.

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