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Korean Yu
▲ The official residence of the Campbells reported on the 11th was that cleaners had a " Getting 1 million yuan in money, which caused heat talks. Some networkers have a Feeling, "Some people who forget to forget?" In response, Kaohsiung did not know Mayor Kwok Yu. The police station will handle a & # 39; process (picture / NOWnews picture)

Today's weather / warm up! The station is sunny and sunny. High temperature 飙 30 ° C

According to the Medium Meteorological Administration, due to the impairment of the northeast monsoon, it is clear that it is today's warming (12). The station is clear and sunny. The temperature is higher than 25 ° C, and the high temperature reaches the central and southern areas of 30 ° C.

The weather bureau said today's weather will be short-term breaks in the northern fowl areas, as well as the north and eastern side of Keelung, with other tidy and sunny areas. Regarding temperature, about 25 ° C in the north and east, high temperatures, and the heat in the middle and upper southern areas will be 飙 to 29, 30 ° C. This good weather Continue until another Thursday on the north east of the monsoon will be reported on Thursday (14th).

A lying in the middle of a & # 39; gun? A mastermaster was shocked to see "one million dollars".

The Kaohsiung Campbell officer said on 11th that cleaners had a Getting 1 million yuan in money, which caused heat talks. Some users said, "Some people who forget to forget?" In response, Kaohsiung Mayor Kwong Yu responded to no doubt. The bureau was counted for its & # 39; although it was subsequently clarified that there was not such a thing, but the princess Chen Chen and his / her; lie down.

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▲ Anti-strike members shouted regularly "Strike, return to work", "Changrong pilot, removal from the consultation", and address China's airplane on the other side of the Ministry of Communications. (Photography / Bankruptcy Reporter, 2019.02.11)

The trade unions mentioned the new "multi-section" case. China Airlines: Continue to & # 39; fight and alarm the whole army

China Airlines and a pilot division of the second pilots consulted on the 11th. The two sides of the "dispatch air force dispatch" case can not reach a consensus. The flight time (FT) was longer than 7 hours, and the tours of many aircraft should be removed. The pilot was on duty, and Huahang felt that the costs could not be exceeded. Follow both sides and indicate the conversations that they will break again.

Start a "3 bills" red envelope! He asked the meaning of the number.

The holidays were completed 9-day New Year, and the office's 11th office staff. Many companies held a New Year party and made a red envelope. However, after receiving a red envelope, finding a female webperson was 300 acres; as it was last year. Unfortunately, the answer came out and allowed everyone to shout: "Very suited!" When the post came out, users said that "nothing is a gift", "300 = does it mean to work?" Start work , dead, three hundred (Taiwanese), let's go! "

The annual holiday is vacant! 2019 "Get slow and put 5 holidays after each other" Give 9 days directly for 9 days

Just after the 9th holiday at the Spring Festival, although it was pleasing, the start of the work on the 11th full office staff was vacant. But, apart from Festival Spring holidays, there are still five vacations (2019) years, such as 228 holidays after each other, clear holidays and even holidays, etc. If you give a special absentee or bankruptcy leave, you can even do it up to 9 Heaven!

▲ Lady Lady carries Tiffany Blue Book and her collection; attending the 61st Grammy Awards. (photo / drawing from Tiffany)

Daka Kaka Glymei gets the third prize, and tears are greener than those.

The 61st Grammy Awards have been announced, and many major conversations have been invited to participate in this event. In addition to their awards ceremony, the spectacular exhibitions of the top singer singers are also the best annual attention. there. This year, Katy Perry and Cardi B. Shannon Shawn Mendes, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga and even the South African celestial youth group (BTS) were invited to become a prize winner.

A 2 year marriage can not be separated. Ke Yi move a living complaint: I am a testament

His actress Ke Yirou and his guy, Guo Zongkun, have been married for 8 years. Guo Zongkun is suspected of having a & # 39; Bring a female worker in the restaurant. She broke two years ago and the two have divide but they are not divorced. Currently, three children are built by Ke Yirou themselves, and both sides are left for childminding. No, the legal law has been played for more than two years. Ke Yirui told the story of his feelings in broadcast live, and he accepted that he was "badly published"; there.

▲ Lin Shuhao eagle star. (Dealbh / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

The eagle will buy NBA / 林 书. The next stop will be go tyrannosaurus.

According to the famous journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, the "Hou Xiaozi" Chinese star on Jeremy Lin has secured a purchase agreement with the Hawks. After a 48 hour transition period, he goes to the Tyrannosaurus.

Everyone has an opportunity to 366 million turtles of power and color.

On the afternoon of the 11th, power to First prize 2, 13, 16, 17, 29 and 36. The number won in the second area 1, and his first prize 366,679,292. Nobody has won the prize. Taiwan Lottery Co., Ltd. estimates that the next prize will be; Increase more with 400 million yuan.

Over 50 polar bears and civilian houses come into an emergency situation

In the past, polished meadows were always active in the past sea, but the worst of global warming was slow, and the ice was slowly demolished, the polar has been Losing their habitats into the human environment. Named Novaya Zemlya, the northern Russian island, an emergency situation on 9 February due to many Polish bears.

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