Now she is going to build up the Norwegian holiday mortgage bank


(Finansavisen): The director of the bank is the 45th anniversary's title. The office is a small director and is not placed in the corner, hears and should be for a bank director. The office is cleansed to a chemical of art. Simple desk, computer, two small beds and one visitor city in a different pin. There's no daylight there. On the walls, a post posted notes hangs with one notice on each: "registration", "broker", "government statement", "basic". There are so many pounds that may have been an art project; there. No humorous organizing product in an advertising group. The beginning is something new.

– This is completely restored. Real entrepreneurial activity. It's just for me who has been working here, and I'm working alone alone. It's sometimes something difficult, but cool at least. I have an active board and proprietors in the background. It is fitting to create something, saying Jannicke Bricaud to Finansavisen.

It is funny decorated and surrounded by energy. She looks like a combination of an alpine player, sailor and captain. If we were coming close enough, she might have thought of menthol or lemon.

– I was a plague and a complaint in the primary school. I was disturbed in the sports hall.

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Looking up to a grandmother

Young Jannicke, who moved from St. Hanshaugen to Montebello when she was 12 years old, who did not grow up on Norwegian 70 food as a seabird with corners, crush of fish, cabbage seals, liver, whale steak, hooks , a smoke-free adag, a pig and a cloth, lung mosses and a mother's meatball.

– I looked up to Grandma, she was very good at cooking, just like my own mother. A grandmother lived many years in France. So, I wanted to go to France too. Since the age of age, I was prepared to explore economics in France. B & B was economics; In which I was going to work with it, she says, who is protected, has a bad interest in food and wine that is well above average. She is also said to be a very skilled chef:

– We never ate ordinary food in Norway. He went, and still continues, in food from France, Italy, Thailand and India. My mother is not scared or I'm using garlic or other spices, and I'm sorry. I really enjoyed cooking.

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Unnamed bank

Prior to this, Amundsen, who was now Bricaud, lived for six years in France and studied for a business degree at the University of Toulouse. Cyril returned French to Norway in 1998 and is the father of a couple of children aged 10, 14 and 17.

– When I finished my learning in France, I wanted to go home. Here it was a emerging job market, saying the 45 years that are now in the process, live in Bærum.

Storebrand e & # 39; first degree of vocational level. For her first time she was a senior post of 28 years. Then the trip continued with SEB and KLP before it jumped to raise the Pareto Bank investment in the SME market. There she spent three months.

– I received a call to ask if I wanted to start a bank. I had been working in the industry for 21 years and I was really great!

The bank that Bricaud is about to start as new or even a name. The authorized company is called S-Foretaket. Behind this, the Partners are in a brake series. They have been involved in the financing of their banking project with an enterprise company with an Norwegian IT environment. Where traditional banks have bought estate chains to get a mortgage, S-Foretaket opposes. They are the estate line on the banking-up estate.

– The Campaign will establish the cheapest mortgage bank in Norway, saying Bricaud.

Out of the more than 130 banks in Norway, the new bank child should be a mortgage loan holiday. It is the business idea.

– How can you find it?

– It is possible to deliver cheaper than today. We're only looking at mortgages and we're a small group. We have at least 15 people. Processing processes and systems that handle the focus processes, she says.

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Year 2007 credit

Bricaud can mark the Credit Award of the Year Award in 2007 to focus on the analysis and credit-driven process-led, so not in-area knowledge. She has also done a lot of work with LEAN.

– In traditional banks, many others have stolen focus. We will start on the screen, without going to # 39; Continue with heavy groups, old expensive, expensive customs, systems and systems, says the new bank manager who started the situation last year.

The bank must be digital with low costs and black branches.

– Users must be able to easily send their bank to the bank. It is a good decision for people to build loans for the purchase of housing. We should introduce simple and easy to understand processes and use a language that people understand.

– If you are free, you must also have the best users. How will you catch?

– We attract those who have good service and security good. And we have to deal with mortgage loan regulations. Much is managed, among other things, the general requirement for at least 15% of fairness and a maximum loan of five hours of total income. In fact, we are a very secure bank for Kari and Ola Nordmann. One of our requirements is that the home purchased should be in an area where many homes are sold. We also aim for those with an economized and fair economy at least 35 per cent, ie more than the minimum requirement.

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– We need to get money

Bricaud is willing to share stories about everything since she was asked for a Vinmonopolet ID two years ago to love her speed and even a & # 39; his mind. Also car driving. Its right leg is & # 39; Lets a huge change to the BMW. When playing a ball floor, it's just dangerous to the environment. When she's a boat drive at her & # 39; a cottage in Arendal, it's going as fast & # 39; The people who hang out in the tube; getting angry with fear. Am more wind she gets in the sails when she goes off on shore, the happiest she will get. She is very pleased with her Vespa scooter. She will park anywhere. At Hafjell's cottage, it is not near to # 39; Bringing out the skinny eyes in the blue and green slopes of their ski resort.

– I like to tidy quickly!

However, when we ask what money it needs to be collected to get the bank without the name of the air, she will be Queen of Fog.

– We need to get money. This is a requirement of the Danish Finance Management Authority.

– We want a number …

– We talk to the restaurant and, To ensure this, some strong investors have already contacted us. We will get cash in order to achieve the long-term goal of a market share of 1 per cent.

– Are you going to raise money in Norway or abroad?

– Most of us in Norway We need a lot of money. Several hundred million kroner. We want the division base of rock extractors. We have to do that to run a bank. Decisions must be certain that the bank will be available tomorrow. They also need to be able to have a bank on wet days.

– Will this banking project take place?

– The license is in place, and we come to the air when we are on our own and abroad.

– This year?

– The ambition is this year.

– You need to be a mortgage loan holiday. What about investments?

– When you run a bank, you must accept inventories. Investments, both from individuals and from private companies, are a good source of funding, but our main mortgage loans base is.

So the project is not part of it so there's no choice for Bricaud.

– We will be a cheaper mortgage bank in Norway with better results than others. We have to come back to a low level at low risk.

– It is tidying up in an old civilian economy. After that, there is a return and a danger …

– We need much lower costs than our competitors, and stresses:

– And the risk is low. After that, we talk about mortgages. Mortgages are very low, and we are a challenge bank. I do not remember the last time a new bank was established within the mortgage. There are many new players when it comes to consumer loans, but nobody has invested in the same way we are.

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– On a trip to challenge

Bricaud will go into the index in the & # 39; side up and returning to the time when working in the Storebrand.

– I remember that a headteacher had a & Bank then, whipping his head when Skandiabanken, now Sbanken, was a going to establish in 2000. This is a & # 39; The first net internet bank for private and non-office individuals and any fees. Bank credit was not specific here. There were also many others that were incredible.

Last year, Barometer's Norwegian Owners announced the Bank's best banking in Scandinavia for the 17th anniversary in a series. Bank's best reputation is among the most prominent players in a banking business.

– Now the version is turned; to challenge the market, saying the ATM.

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