Now, the Central Bank is preparing to buy money – 01/05/2019


Inside and outside the government there is an idea now and in the short time there remaining dollar.

The idea is based on the opinion that foreign customers who have left pesos have left and left; Accepting foreigner money already and that local consumers, who have pesos, do not feel that they are in a position; Feeling often in those weeks to dollarize.

The Mid Bank announced the week that there was a process dollarization de Argentines fall in the last verse set $ 13 million a days and Economic resources that promise buying can be purchased due to future care.

This new vision is based on the last two months' exchange stability and the conviction that the Central dollar could be purchased in a few days after the money could be purchased; break the floor on its exchange rate band.

In Central Atlantic corridors found that the quiet exchange was reinforced, in addition, in the last days by the "Bolsonaro Impact", to describe the fact that it is think that the new president in Brazil and his definitions for the liberation of the economy is translated into realization, which contributes to the sustainability of Argentine money, which is already valuing more than 50% in one year.

They also believe that the markets are "They were shinty" a climate in terms of unlocking Argentine debts in a & # 39; last month and the level of home risk of more than 800 points (down to 740 Thursday) was marked crop of trust that has already been saved.

Rebirth appears to be the last days of the blues that are valuable in dollars that can endorse the & # 39; that opinion but the change in the possibility of financial climate It is still very complex.

Without being said openly, in Media they are content with output; money contraction policy arising from the agreement with the Monetary Fund and they are make sure that even if they need to buy, there is no bigger expansion.

All purchases of foreign money with Central America have a & # 39; means sending pesos but, they do not go to; maintained, higher than the equivalent of 2% increase in the cash base.

In other words, they confirm that they are very careful, as set out in the official BCRA communication of the week, in low energy levels. Other indicators that indicate the key economic objective of the Government to be; reduce the rate of inflation.

All economic activity data shows bad 2018 and, in that case, was responsible for hit at high levels.

Only in a comparative manner is enough to be reviewed thereafter while the Market Expectations Survey (the consultancy company average) is a & # 39; Oversight of 28.7% for this year, the rate of unemployment letters is 59.6% annually and a summary in the current account for a company exceeding 63% per year.

Very strong loans for operating capital of companies and their credit cost; doubling the expected inflation, it is difficult to & # 39; promises to be spent in the short term.

But the calm exchange rate and wheat, cereal and soybean accuracy will help to improve mood; first season long and "black swan" does not appear.

Welcoming climate change, analysts have & # 39; closely with him international market changed the focus of attention in the last days: the world that has become very worried about the increase in the degree of US interest now waiting to grow lower in China which would hit the global economy.

No one can be happy that the world is not getting smaller, but that the rise in the US level is lesser. "Flight to quality" The main peaks left the emerging countries in the Finance Department bond suspicion of the opportunities that could reimburse debt those who were under deserving and the destination depended on their trust.

In the Government they also believe in a change on that side of the hand than it is; represents the agreement with the IMF for US $ 57.100 million. "The market does not appear to understand that the program does not have a Fund with a 3 year Fund but that is to start refinancing in three years", He used a senior officer of the economic area.

Both in the Economy and the Central Bank are brought against the fact that they are thinking about a new exchange point. The dollar will still return to do it and, in particular, in a year of election.

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