Now, the court sent Amado Boudou out of the same benefit to Nuñez Carmona – 12/13/2018


After hearing the decision of the Federal Federal Court 4 (TOF 4) who gave Amado Boudou, his friend and friend José María Núñez Carmona, imprisoned in the Ezeiza Prison, asked Wednesday to be let released under arguments similar to those already exposed to former former president's defense of the Nation and TOF issued their release. In addition, Nicolás Ciccone who had a housekeeper was released.

The BBC is not responsible for the content; on other websites. TOF 4 gave up on Thursday to the pro-arrested accused: José María Núñez Carmona and Nicolás Ciccone. As a domino's influence, both defend the benefit after the freedom given to him Amado Boudou.

Again, the Court's vote was in opposition to & # 39; Néstor Costabell argued that the opposition alleged the issuance of those convicted of the Ciccone case for bribery and incompatible disputes.

The votes were favorable by the judges, Gabriela López Íñiguez and Adriana Palliotti who once again thought they should be in a position. avoid "to use abusive preservation" and that this should be a "guiding principle of the judgment".

Mrs. Matías Molinero, a lawyer; there Núñez Carmona to ask for the distribution yesterday. It was sentenced to his client for five years and eight months as a partner in bribe and unparalleled arrangements In the case that was selling sales selling a Ciccone printing; before.

So, the lawyer argued that the Federalized Chamber of Buenos Aires was released in January, Boudou's partner, was arrested for illegal wealth because there were no risks or threats fly. Then, he argued that the same difference with that situation was the sentence on 7 August in the case of Ciccone that had arrested him.

In this regard, Miller emphasized the sentence he said "It is not assertive, since this party has translating legal and formative time, the coherent application".

In this context, the judges, Gabriela López Íñiguez and Adriana Pallioti again said with a separate decision, "there is no danger to escape" of Núñez Carmona in the prisoner of Ezeiza to move to print keep track and make notes.

A & # 39; The first one that was sent out to allow Boudou's friend to be Prosecutor of the Court, Marcelo Colombo, and then the judges López Íñiguez and Pallioti agreed to agree to him; praised, and said that the elements allowed by Núñez Carmona "to move the debate in freedom (the Ciccone test), they had not changed anyway, after they had been sentenced. "

Responding to the proposal of the procurator of Colombo, they found that the phrase could be the same "novel data to be determined by other measures of the prison". And they explained that "more harmful measures" should be accepted as Núñez Carmona asked to protect, that is, an electronic device examined.

Among other things, the leaders identified their intention after completing their lawsuit, this is only to investigate the potential of a hazardous vessel. In this way, they returned to the words of the existing sailing chambers, saying that the Boudou partner is "right in all files" in which it is investigated, without "Submit" complaints complaints of any kind ".

At this point, López Íñiguez and Pallioti said that they were not allowed to escape the risk only because a rash sentence was given in the case of Ciccone, "if the risk of punishment is not allowed him to stop her alone (when the test did not finish), we do not see why now I should do it, "said court text.

When analyzing the behavior of former former president's friend's behavior, the lawsuits "did not have a risk of work" until it is still held under care.

It was established as a result, a real connection $ 1,000,000 and to ensure that the prisoner is released, a GPS survey engine with a 100 kilometer radius of its accommodation will be added to Boudou.

In addition, the passport was stopped and the country's abandoned ban was established. Like Amado Boudou, he must appear before the Court every fifteen days for his / her appearance.

Similar arguments, Court also added to Costabel's independence to vote during his / her; to the jail, they were released to Nicolás Ciccone who, under the influence of his health, was taken by the house.

Crime in a lawsuit by Ciccone

Núñez Carmona and the vice president were dismissed in August in the test for selling the old Ciccone. TOF 4 gave Carmona 5 years and 8 months for bribery crime, a shorter penalty shorter than Boudou.

Boudou and his companion had already been held in the Ezeiza prison for 70 days by order of the Judge Ariel Lijo, which are being investigated for illegal illegal outbreak. The Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires ordered them to be released.

In the case of Ciccone, the printing was confirmed to Núñez Carmona tro Vandenbroele, proprietor The Old Fund (owner of 70% of the old intaglio sections). The only company was; In order to print banknotes and for Justice "it was the hands of the Deputy President."

The aim of the work is "a contract with the State ticket printing and official documents". He only sent his ballots in 2011, but he alson April 2012, Cristina Ciccone's government expired for printing 160 pounds of 160 pounds, for a cost of $ 140 million.

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