Now the fans of the River of the Ghost created to download the Boca – 12/12/2018


Football is always reformed and for the fans of the River has become the richest way. For years suffering from the Boca fans who have eliminated the descendants of the National Millionaire B in 2011. But now, the tortilla was converted.

Mark the final of the Libertadores Cup in the Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid before and after the history of Superclásico and Argentine football. And the River knows …

But he did not. Mirein who had been cooking for a number of years, more precisely because Marcelo Gallardo is a coach of the River.

And as there is no resting-machine equipment, a group of River fans came in with the idea of ​​having a & # 39; Creating a ghost to scare Boca fans: "The Gallardo Ghost". It is a genuine change in the popular "Ghost of the B" that they liked in Boca.

From the Twitter account @RiverEPMA the video was removed by eight people covered by a white page, with the letter of everyone who created their name. Sweet shaver, do not scare anyone.

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