Now, there are obstacles in France and Germany


Huawei's new challenges in Europe after Deutsche Telekom of Germany will be reviewing his provider's policy and Orange said he would hire a Chinese company to carry out the mobile phone network ( 5G) in France.

The statements are at the head of the German and French markets, both of the state, and that Huawei would be made due to national security reasons in some countries connected to the United States, under leading Australia.

US officials told their relatives that Huawei is responding to a Chinese state at his / her. Ultimately and his "back back" could have his network devices that would allow the spirit of cyber-spionnaidh.

The Deutsche Telekom study comes when US regulators are in a position; scrutinizing the US $ 26 billion US T-Mobile unit with Sprint Corp., which is under the control of the Japanese Softbank Group.

Huawei says security concerns are unfounded.

The houses have expanded because Huawei's financial leadership is arrested in Canada for being able to revive the United States.

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