Now you can find this car from 30,000 kroner


Large, comfortable, safe and four-wheel drive: it's not surprising that the Volvo XC70 for many years has been very successful in Norway.

When the second generation came back in 2000, it hit the market correctly. This is Volvo with a good snob factor.

Compared to the general V70, the XC70 was built, a style of style was removed from the road and thus drove four wheels. Many people wanted this recipe, and here Volvo tried to check the car car from her & # 39; Germany.

Audi had the same recipe with Allroad (which became both A6 and A4), but BMW and Mercedes did not; struggling together.

Over one hundred cars for sale

The XC70 was a natural choice for families with active recreation and a huge economy. Some cars were not cheap, although the price tag was usually taken under a comparative car from Germany.

It's been a couple of years since 2000 and now you can get XC70 at good prices in the & # 39; market used. There is also a lot to choose here. Several hundred cars have been sold at any time.

So what do you need to pay? Yes, many cars are now out to about 30,000 kroner. You can also get additional copies at an affordable price, but you must expect that you will not receive the EU's next control over any major developments.

So, Lotta is of the opinion that this is the safest car in the world

An advertising picture when the new car was, it is not difficult to see that "active families" were an important target group.

Run well

But for 30,000 you can find a very simple car, and it does not have to hurt you over engineering costs over the next few years. But if you buy a car that was used in this price, it is a great advantage to be able to stop you. In fact, everything can happen here.

The cars that are long drives are the XC70 in general. It is also well-marked in the marketplace that is & # 39; used. When you go far down in price, it is uncommon that the cars have been around 300,000 kilometers, some even larger. Then it's very important that you have looked after the way, with service and food.

If you can add a 50,000 NOK to XC70, there are opportunities for a slightly newer car, which is a bit shorter.

Many of the Vikings at this Volvo have a list of requests

Take care carefully

If you go up to 100,000 NOK, you will find cars that are around 200,000 kilometers. Then the service booklet should also be completed. And that is a great benefit if the European Union has a new control too.

Although these cars are generally good, it is involved here, as it has been used to buy other cars, to check carefully before buying. The oldest of the car and more than a mile mile, the more detailed one should be inspected.

A good owner and service history is always important. An owner in most cases is much better than he had a lot.

Volvo XC70: the safest way to a freight train from NSB

Inside classic Volvo inside then. The design of her feelings is really awesome now, but good feelings are good.

Seats good and comfort

Bricks and bikes are a common mistake in the cut. The same thing is true about leaflets and joints in the pre-setting. Make sure the track belt has changed and when it will be replaced again. If there is no heat-diesel. The same means for a garden garden and turbocharger. The two expensive parts … Volvo's electronics errors are also on these models.

On the side of the group, we can describe very good seats, good comfort, high safety, good achievement and good place. The four-wheel drive system comes from Haldex Solar and it's a & # 39; make sure it is easy to access and it is also reliable.

Here you can use the XC70 in Broommarked

Here you will use the XC70 on Fionn

We note that the same owner has a & # 39; Sign and Broom.

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