NSZ pointed out how six firms were prosecuted as a result of operational breakdowns – Novinky.cz


In February last, the National Bureau of Organized Crime sent seven companies for questioning that break-through proceedings had been accepted. They all complained about it. One was refused. “In relation to the six accused legal standards, the prosecution authority issued a resolution in the question issued by the police authority and ordered the police authority to make a decision on the decision. Again, ”husband NSZ Petr Maly told the server.

However, according to that one, the decision to make a complaint doesn't mean that the company cannot be condemned in the future. T

The Via Chem Group has been broken out since 2014. This reorganization was confirmed by the High Court of Prague in February. Creditors will be able to choose from two options to settle their applications: either 50% of their stated value, to receive a full allowance in the company, or to pay applications in this category. 50 per cent of their stated value.

In February, the police arrested the Via Chem Group about influencing court cases and being involved in an organized crime group. Via Chem rejected the trial and believe that it was a step taken to carry out cases of disruption.

Among the 14 finalists involved, was the billionaire Petr Sisák. Via Chem was alleged to have been disappointed in requesting that the company Spolchemie in Uusus should remain under Sisk. The Via Chem Group was made up of about a third of Spolchemie in 2014.

Via Chem Group appeared in controversial sources. Their links were bought by Key Investments, which previously trusted the town of Sokolov and Prague, 6, 10 and 13 along with several tens of millions of crowns.

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