NTR Lakshmi's NTR Biopic


Ram Gopal Varma's favorite NTR film with Lakshmi is visiting tomorrow's screens. Apparently this film was completely noticed because of its controversial content but it seems likely that audiences should be ready for the huge amount the director gives.

There will be no kind of NTR story in the Varma-powered NTR feed if the statements that come from a special exhibition are to be believed. In fact, it is said that the film is full of a love story between NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi. And it's said that Lakshmi Parvathi comes for many years. With the story all circulating around most of the world, at this level, it is said that the film is similar to that of a biopper of Lakshmi Parvathi rather than the famous politician.

While RGV was of the opinion that NTR Lakshmi would take very seriously at election time, the fact is that people are at present not in any way to see any film. In a time when Mahanayakudu who Balayya worked was not working, we think how the NTR Lakshmi will work. That took the movie away from NTR, hardly there is a good opportunity to do it in the box.

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