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The World League for Cybersecurity (GCI), which was dissolved by the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU), was one of the four senior Arab countries.

The assessment of 175 countries around the world examines the practices and tools that use to protect systems, networks and programs from digital attacks.

The following are the order of all Arab countries:

Country Evaluation in 2017 Evaluation in 2018
Saudi Arabia

46 And the fifth place in the Arab world

13 and the first Arab

Fourth place in the world and its first Arab

16 either

25 throughout the world and the third Arab

17 throughout the world and the third Arab

14 worldwide and the second Arab

23 throughout the world and the fourth Arab
The United Arab Emirates

47 and the United Arab Emirates

33 in the world, and a fifth in the Arab world

138 worldwide and 17 Arab

67 and the Arab Arab

The world, and the Arab eighth

68 throughout the world and the seventh world in the Arab world

92 and the 10th Arab

74 throughout the world and the Arab eighth

40 throughout the world and the fourth Arab

The world, and the ninth place in the Arab world. T

49 in the world and seven in the Arab world

93 the universe and the 10th Arab

103 worldwide and 13 Arab

101 around the world and 11 Arab

95 worldwide and 11 Arab

103 worldwide and 12 Arab

158 world-wide and 19 Arab

107 worldwide and 13 Arab

67 world-wide and nine Arab

108 worldwide and 14 Arab

101 around the world and 12 Arab

114 all over the world and 15 Arab

104 worldwide and 14 Arab

117 world-wide and 16 Arab

118 worldwide and 15 Arab

124 worldwide and 17 Arab

124, world-wide and 16 Arab

145 worldwide and 18 Arab

161 world-wide and 21 Arab countries

156 worldwide and 19 Arab

139 around the world and 18 Arab

159 world-wide and 20 Arab countries

163 world-wide and 22 Arab countries

172 world-wide and 21 Arab countries

160 world-wide and 20 Arab

173 world-wide and 22 Arab countries

Out of 54 countries had a high safety rating, four were Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Egypt.

Saudi Arabia was registered as a first in the Arab world and 13 in the world in 2018, having fifth in the Arab world and 46 in 2017.

Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil company, was attacked by an electronic attack in 2012 that the US information officers say they are connected to Iran.

“The Global Index of Global Security measures countries' commitment to security in line with the five columns of the global cyberecurity, legal, technical, governance, capacity-building and collaborative working program,” said the EU Union of everything. Telecommunications (ITU).

Across the world, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has focused on awareness and commitment from countries around the world for the objectives of the global cyberecurity program, with e-risks at its latest t rise.

The Australian Parliament announced in February that its network of computers was shut.

Democratic Party computers were swept away in 2016 by the US election process, which was attributed to Russian representatives.

The Pentagon in September said US efforts on defense would include "strengthening the network" and improving safety.

The following is a list of the world's top 10 countries in terms of internet security: t

Classification Country
1 Great Britain
2 United States
3 France
4 Lithuania
5 Estonia
6 Singapore
7 Spain
8 Malaysia
9 Canada
10 Norway

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