Number of cases of diabetes nationally in the years to up to two million seconds


There is a significant increase in diabetic illness cases in Germany

There are more and more people in this country suffering from diabetes. According to recent projections, the number of people with type 2 diabetes in Germany will be able to; up to twelve million by the year 2040.

There are more and more people suffering from diabetes

In recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) expects the number of adult dizzies around the world in 2025 to; over 700 million. And recently, researchers from the UK published a survey that was found by 2045, that the type 2 diabetes disorders will be out of every eight. In Germany too, the number of digits; diabetic patient is growing. Scientists expect significant increases in illness issues in the coming years.

According to preliminary projections, the number of people with type 2 diabetes in Germany could be up to twelve million by the year 2040. (Image: Printemps /

Estimates of the numbers of types 2 diabetes in the future

Based on data of around 65 million legal insurers in Germany and the Scottish Statistical Office, scientists from the German Symptoms of Illness Center (DDZ) together with colleagues from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) were published for the first time extensive projections of the future number 2 the case of diabetes in Germany for all ages.

According to data from 2015 to 2040 case developments, the latest trends in emerging issues have been, Increase life expectancy and reduce mortality rates due to medical progress.

This allowed the number statistics to work more precisely than in previous evaluations.

"In previous statements, only some age groups have been notified or improvements in death mortality levels as well as emerging issues," he said. Ralph Brinks, head of the DDZ's research, in a statement.

The calculation was made within the framework of the National Symposium of National Symptom's framework funded by the Ministry of Public Health and recently published in the "Diabetic Medicine" magazine.

Not only does the age affect future case numbers

In counting, the simple simplification of unintentional infection events in 2015 showed that the main age structure of the population in 2040 increased in the cases of diabetes with 21 per cent to 8.3 million.

According to the authors, it is not enough to consider changing the age structure only.

It also needs to be taken into account how the fat rate (dying rate) in people with and without the type 2 diabetes and degree level (high level) change over time.

So, in order to measure the number of cases of future diabetes, the following three changes were related to the first time:

Suitability: A disease problem indicates the percentage of people in Germany suffering from diabetes at any time.

Compensation level: the incidental rate shows the number of diabetes cases that are infected; currently appearing in Germany for a specific period; for example in one year.

Death rate: dying for people with and without diabetes.

More dying related to diabetes: Comparison of dying rates in people compared to people with no diabetes.

Better medicine options

At this time, the dying levels of people with diabetes in Germany are still twice as high as people with diabetes.

Due to medical progress with better treatment options for diabetes and the sequelae, the sciences believe that there are fewer people with diabetes in the future. dying in advance than before.

These motions are also seen in other countries.

Regarding the importance of developing the future stages of new diseases, which is also proven by the development of risk factors of diabetes, such as lack of exercise, ill-health and obesity in the crowd.

In particular, increase the number of elderly patients

Researchers at the DDZ raised a comparative increase in type 2 diabetes cases with 54 per cent (+3.8 million cases) to 77, which incorporate these three variables and to # 39; Increasing life expectancy with different assumptions to improve levels of new infections and more deaths Percentage (+5.4 million cases) from 2015-2040.

This means, by 2040, it is a & # 39; It is considered that type 2 diabetes will affect 10.7 to 12.3 million people. The number of older people with type 2 diabetes is particularly strong.

"According to these calculations with DDZ and RKI knowledge teams, practices and clinics need to be changing even further for the treatment of older people with type 2 diabetes," said Professor. Michael Roden, director of the DDZ and Director of Clinics for Biology and Diabetology at Dusseldorf University Hospital.

This rehearsal needs more specialized training and the establishment of special centers.

According to the DDZ and RKI scientists, the number of cases in the future depends on the number of people who are going to develop diabetes in the next two decades.

This is the extent that may be achieved by prevention and training measures. (AD)

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