Nurses struggled to complete 2657 surgeries


Last week, between January 31 and February 8, the strike of nurses at the operating blocks stopped 56% of the jobs being met, with the Health Ministry to appear on Monday . A total of 4782 surgeons were completed, with 2657 suspended.

The second phase, which will be recorded by the end of the month, is being examined by the Ministry of Health, who will assess the direct impact of nursing absences per week.

At the São João University Hospital, CHUSJ, the impact of the strike is most considered, and reach 67% of the registered centers. Of the 1226, 823 planned, they were not made.

In Braga Hospital, for example, the balance is 46% offset. The services had predicted that 666 and 305 were still to be made. In the North Lisbon Hospital Center, comparative data is not, as the stop started on the 8th. Information was not yet published on Coimbra University Hospital.

At the same time, the Food and Economic Security Authority, ASAE, has confirmed that it is exploring a strike funding fund that will be collected through the removal system.

The Union of Democratic Students (Sindepor) spent on Monday to support the protection of their rights, freedom and class sentences, and opposing the civilian demand declared by the Government. It is recalled that the Ministerial Council on Thursday Thursday made civilian need in the strike of nurses in active blocks in the course from January 31, saying that there is no surrender to the provision of lower services.

The civil application was made to nurses of the Hospital Center and S. João University, the University of Porto Center and Hospital Center, the Inter-Douro and Vouga Hospital Center and the Tondela-Viseu Hospital.

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