Nutrition: Be aware of the benefits of eating animal biscuits


November 27, 2018 15:00 f.

These biscuits are the classic animals of childhood and their food use in their help modes; Helping to improve health, as does the study carried out by the National University of Independence of Mexico (UNAM).

According to the survey, only 24 pieces of these biscuits come in a bag, adding 113 calories and they have a variety of nutrients.

It's a kind of a shoulder in its; This food, an energy source and a source for cells, carbohydrates contain a total of 4 calories per gram.

The main benefits that are being used by using; measure animal biscuits These are:

* Anemia prevention: These fragments are high in iron that helps to & # 39; Conducting oxygen through the blood and carbon dioxide to help hemoglobin.

* Mushes: The Spanish Foundation for its Creative (FED) is a & # 39; shows that magnesium helps to interfere with quiet and calm weather, and these months.

* Antioxidants: The vitamin C contribution helps to break the iron.

* Osteoporosis: The calcium that is helped to capture cookies (in methods) is a & # 39; help to strengthen the bones.

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