O & # 39; Higgins attempts to recommend intense games when he visited the champion of the competition


– Celestes need the points to be closer to the Sudamericana Cup, but also the Catholic University will look for the same thing, because they can be crowned as warriors if a variety of products are delivered over the weekend.

Ricardo Obando

The weeks without a FIFA date soccer, according to Maximiliano Salas, were not good for O & Higgins. In this situation, Marco Antonio Figueroa seeks a team to find out how often & # 39; he showed, for example, the face of the Universidad de Concepción, thus giving the three points of the trip to the leader of the national championship, the Catholic University.

So, the points are in dispute, and more so close to the end of the competition – just 180 minutes – is the area in mind that they should get a positive result in San Carlos de Apoquindo , which would give them a home loop option for the 2019 Sudamericana Copa, a route that could be covered with a combination of the five other teams that offer three places for a competition between international.

And from that view, the player's biggest player must do more like this season, Juan Fuentes, the face of the UC face to be rigorous and that's just what the Ghost is to recommend for her & # 39 ; this game.

In this regard, the canterano said "a game in a very orderly order is great. I think the team that gives fewer ideas is more rigorous and stronger, and a # 39; achieving the product positively. "

Along with this, he said he's really tight, "the message the teacher gives us a day-to-day basis. If we go to San Carlos and a team is intense and uncomfortable In fact, it is clear that we have more opportunities to win or lose. I hope the game we have been preparing to give. "

In addition, Fuentes stressed that they are clear in the setting room about how UC is playing. "We know that there are many Catholic people in the middle of the field back, and so (the teacher) we asked us much psychotherapy when it comes to a & # 39; the ball and the intense at the time it was not, "he said.


For those created in the Capo de Provincia quarry, the units in the debate of the next Sunday are very important. If O & Higgins wins, he can be his own right to access the Sudamericana Copa 2019, as the defendant said, "these points are really fascinating to us qualifying for an international cup ".

In addition, Juan Fuentes explained that the full presence in the competition has been very excited, but also "disturbing the results we have achieved and the aim of We are a bit short and we want to do everything in the best way, as it will be a beautiful rival to face ".

Now, one of the doubts about Fuentes is related to him on a playground. With Matías Vera absenteeism – expended by collecting the yellow cards – the main name of Figueroa would be the name to be inserted into the immune defenses. Then, the young man said "I'm ready to play as a midfielder or as a mid player," and "we know the important loss of Mati, but co-workers have done well. Whatever to play, it will be available to the coach. "

Finally, in the glen there is tranquility and confidence in a & # 39; closing its competition in a good format and a & # 39; reaching the objective raised. In this regard, Fuentes said "the conviction, in each game has seen an increase and I think we will come well over the weekend, and again what was done "and that" this series of games is seen in the quality of the players that are, intense to each game. We hope we will continue together in the same way. "


In the UC they want to consolidate their status as a local and its location. opposing themselves to O & Higgins. Player Luciano Aued, author of its achievements, won the Cruzados in Rancagua in the first round, said this week will be crucial, especially when we want to play, we will try to get a good result and continue on (in the list) ".

In addition, the transandino said we have no doubt on his competition, "we've been ahead of his competition, we have been the leading players, campaign, but football has shown that we have not done something, but these two dates are marked we're going to work, confirming themselves and winning their war. "

And, indeed, the Crusaders could be fighting on a Sunday while they are going to be on their way. removing the Phantom Figueroa independent, and not both of the University of Florida and Universidad de Concepción. In addition, he has already announced that his team will have a coup in the playground if it is essential to deliver it.

That's why, for Aued, "we have to come to date so far. I understand that the mathematical settings are, but the most important thing is that the three points are here, and we can Continue to maintain our current benefit (two points over the U). "


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