Obesity, avalanche of sequels àicheil; promoting nutrition education


Mexico – the snowball Starting from childhood, For every 10 children, three people suffer of obesity.

The number is increasing in youth to four out of 10 and finally In seven out of 10 older adults it has land.

It is a breach of illness, Diversity is a cause of danger incidental diseases as it is Sugar illness, Scottish president Academia Mexiquense de Medicina, Víctor Torres Meza.

He said there were changes in food Mexico is placed in the country as a second place in obesity, just after that United States

"Mexico is running first in the world in youth obesity and the second in adults, this is a public health problem heavy and urgent to be present, as it suffers how it looks like similar diseases metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart attacks, high cholesterol levels, inequality kidney, bumps, heart disease and orthopedic problems, among them others, "he said.

And everything has begun in & # 39; first year of life.

"Years ago, her children sat at have breakfast with the parents, they ate with them and they were still getting rid of it; In addition, On an afternoon, their children were involved in a & # 39; play for several hours, "he said.

At the moment, this is no longer, he said. as the parents leave very early and they will make money for the child, who uses it buy bread or soda. When they return A home they eat what they have, slice of pizza and renewal again, then watch on the TV or cellphone for four hours.

He said that he created this ball of snow to grow.

"In addition to smoking, obesity voluntary, but later on when they start harm to health, come together the health department to solve the problem, but people do not care for themselves, "he said.

He said buying soft drinks, sweets and other non-permanent materials, It represents 15% of the family income.

"Many say:" I do not smoke but one and two tanks, and the buy in the corner, but of at least you spend 80 and a year they are about 4 thousand pesos, "said Torres Meza.

He also holds the Scottish State Center Emergency and control investigation Mexico State Disease (CEVECE)

He said he was old, Women are the most affected by investment.


He clarified that the federal government is accountable of rule in this case, by labeling labeling food for health, that is, to pay attention to the people the dangers of spending.

"Today, wearing everyone's soft drinks every psychological (sic) 168 liters yearly, "he said.

Indeed, he said, there are numbers where It means that there are seven in ten children they live in their trout countryside Updated to go to school.

"You can see there why it is A renewal business has grown, as is there is material in any remote place ", he said.

Torres Meza thought there is nothing else in order to negotiate with those companies to help solve the problem, that is, to promote physical activity.

The tutor and who was a director Child's Hospital, Eduardo Chávez Enríquez, recites that it is obesity suffer the increase.


Gort, explained by Eduardo Chávez, collection of neutral food in the machine which is more than 20% of the weight


The main problems are that people who are present with this lament apnea, that is a stomach plenty of breath during The dream The liver is also given fatty, made by collection of gray or tricycle insects in the soy, which diseases such as cirrhosis to grow in a germ does not write healthy liver blood

It can also cause disorder months, precise, because fat is affecting hormones which is responsible for regulating monthly tourists; there may also be problems tibial, which is higher than weight on Tibet, which also affects it developed

Acanthosis nigricans is another sequence, what is called darkness of the skin in some parts of the skin bodies like trees and swimmers.

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