OCA: a businessman was forced to arrest and capture Moyano in 500 million pesos – 12/12/2018


In advance of the case, the judge in Economic Criminal Cases, Javier López Biscayart are ready this Friday Patricio Farcuh, president of OCA, for crime inhibiting social security grants, with a ban of 500 million pesos. The judge also took over the companies that provided services to OCA, linked to Hugo Moyano, for the same crime with a maximum penalty of 6 years. The allegations were held without pre-testing because Farcuh, so far, was right in the case.

In a precise solution, the maker of the Farcuh companies awarded OCA: Pertenecer SRL, Slam SA, Labor Guidelines, Iron Security, Rhuo Group, and General Resource, among others.

By the middle of the year, López Biscayart was on behalf of Farcuh because of the fact that it did not pay income tax and income tax and a tax added value for May to December 2016 and January and February 2017, but a federal landlord room eliminate your process and the prosecutor in charge must raise the case. OCA is currently interconnected by Justice.

In the resolution, to which it agrees Clarin In critical sources, the judge held "Farcuh was a reason or no They are well funded by maintaining money and their money; ideas, thus expanding the term he returns to finance in monthly installments over a number of years and at a very shocking level for his / her; local financial market, based on what is expected from inflation or the amount collected for business expansion called "Grupo Rhuo".

"We can decide, without being older, that the audited movements are on display as act unanimously and freely; So voluntary, there is no doubt in this example of the guidance that Patricio Nicolás Farcuh saw that he had left out the amount of social security restored by the staff of the Planobra SA "is exempt. Farcuh's stay also lets staff deductions" Spatial SRL; GPS Services S.A .; Slam Servicios S.A .; Company Operations Services for Labor Management S.R.L .; Labor Management Services S.A .; S.A iron security; Grouping of Rhuo Group Division Services and General Resources S.A. and, similarly, the results and income tax opinion (SICORE Imp. 217 and 787) that correspond to Planobra S.A. Including S.R.L .; GPS Services S.A. and Labor Management Company on Incidental Services S.R.L. and the added value fee that corresponds to Planobra S.A. "

It was not enough for Patricio Farcuh who sent to Hugo Moyano a complaint statement, when he said he had not been in front of his company in many of the months that staff did not; Paying in front of its company because "Aste and Trucks were used by violence" by their post office. This is the time that Moyano's union impeded his private mail company.

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