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It was scrapped with the inside after the security work completed to complete the finalists of the Copa Libertadores, Buenos Aires's security minister Martín Ocampo, who had been vaccinated as the head of the criminal of Buenos Aires retired. The officer tried unsuccessful to fulfill duties in the federal forces that took part in the work, which corresponds Patricia Bullrich. President Mauricio Macri set out the debate that welcomes his minister. Instead, just a few days before the G20 meeting, Diego Santilli will be sworn, who will be Deputy Chief of the Government and Minister for Justice and Security. The Secretary of Security, Marcelo D 'Alessandro, was ratified by the post.

Bullrich and Ocampo were on the weekend that kicked each other for the failure of the work. Out of the Grandma they said that the events were in the Ring 3 security, which was Responding to the Prefecture, a military that reports to the minister. After a conversation with the president, Larretta left responsibility for the incident. The start of time for Ocampo, which was confirmed less than 24 hours with Larreta. In the middle, change something.

In addition to Macri, yesterday, Chief Executive, Marcos Peña, gave his case a " return to the officials of Buenos Aires for the forgotten operation: "It is the responsibility for his home, but we are part of the same team," said the coordinated minister.

Before deciding his position, Alessandro's Security Secretary attempts to reduce the same tone. He said that "something that does not fall or does not have a particular emphasis on someone, we are responsible", stressed Alessandro, saying that The place where the Boca Juniors players moved was attacked by "the bus stopped" people involved in the corner and security "over".

Later on, Ocampo was recognized as the chief lawyer of Boca Angelici, who is one of his son's guardian. He was a Legislature's Legislator. in Ocampo, a place where he had been defended to Macri prior to conviction of illegal allegations and in front of a research commission in which to look for political removal. He was at the University of Australia, radical at first, he was not willing to use Ocampo for all his weapons to protect his political leader, who was now out of office. He was a true soldier.

Then, Ocampo took status as a general Attorney General, from the place he put forward his / her policies; microsmis against the street sales. Le Larreta, was dismissed as head of prosecutors and became Minister of Justice and Security, where he lasted for nearly three years in which he opposed Patricia Bullrich to control The shows: Bullrich always wanted more damage.

"Some rifles needed to be" jump ", and # 39; confirming the decision in the government of Buenos Aires, where most people explained that Ocampo left as a benefit to Bullrich. "He had to give a result of the problems", they made clear in Patricios Park. However, if Ocampo held a line different from the minister of Sleat, he did not only have his own responsibility: he was in a position; represents a Larreta decision that is not the first line of coverage in the campaigns with exhibitors, which may be a barrier to a political post (everyone knows: Larreta Dream of the president). The future of Ocampo is not written: as it is a license in the office of a general lawsuit, It could reinforce the power of the State Buenosairean, to date, Luis Cevasco continued to drive. In their environment, they did not respond to their intended return.

Le Santilli – an important leader within Cambiemos – including his & her; ministry and prosecution as vice president, the Minister for Security will affecting the debugging and its # 39; emphasizing the home.

Larreta set up a new news conference in which he stated: "I got rid of Ocampo. I appreciate the dedication of those years." He made a good evaluation of his management and did not Give up the reasons for retiring.

"The largest political responsibility from the Government, Diego Santilli, will be appointed as Minister for Security," said the government head. He said that the posts he held as the head of government remained responsible for another officer, Secretary of Citizens' Reform, Matias López. "I confirm my profession to continue well in the fight against barrabravas. I see with good eyes that Justice needs to investigate. justice to go to the bottom, "said Larreta, who said he welcomed the campaign against sporting violence in the & Of Congress. "I think a president's decision shows that it was amazing for the law against bars," he said on Larreta. However, Santilli said: "We are confirming our comprehensive security plan. On our behalf, our comprehensive responsibility is our comprehensive security plan."

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