Oculus wants to bring new Rift glasses to the market


Oculus on Facebook has published a new version of his Rift VR spectacles. The company is committed to solving improvement and sensory technology.

Facebook firm Oculus wants to pass the first new model of their VR glasses on the vectors previously. Instead, the device should be positioned in the room and the leaders should hold the user in the right direction using sensor devices.

The purpose of the Rift S is to give the user the opportunity to look at the real world around him without taking off his glasses.

Other improvements include a higher resolution of the displays in the glasses. The Rift S was developed in collaboration with the Chinese Lenovo Group, as Oculus further identified on Wednesday. The new module will open in the spring for a market price of 449 euro.

In a real life (VR) situation, users can immerse themselves in a digital world with the help of special glasses. Facebook was heavily dependent on the industry by buying Oculus, its industrial pioneer. He is the HTC's big competitor with their Vive glasses.

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