OdySight, the medical video game that keeps your eye on


A mobile medical video game, OdySight is for patients suffering from ophthalmic diseases. – N. Stival / 20 Summary

  • OdySight's medical video game is used by Montauban marine expert.
  • Presented by the doctor, this claim allows patients with retin diseases, including AMD, to regularly watch their eyes.
  • If there are difficulties, the expert will be warned.

André, 75, is promoting it: OdySight's mobile app has changed his life. Like almost a million people in France, the septuagenarian suffers from a macular reproductive age, or AMD. Retractable illnesses that make you untidy, complex and complex with a central role in the vision. André is among the 70 patients in Honoré-Cave Clinic
from Montauban, aged 31 to 82, to use OdySight from September last.

This medical video game, for smartphones and tablets, is developed by the company Tilak Healthcare at Paris. “In Montauban, we can be at the heart of technology,” as well as Vincent Gualino's games. An Ophlmologist in founding, but also at Toulouse University Hospital and Lariboisière Hospital in Paris, he is an accomplished supporter of this "gamekeeper made app".

Dr. Vincent Gualino, an expert at Honoré-Cave clinic in Montauban.
Dr. Vincent Gualino, an expert at Honoré-Cave clinic in Montauban. – N. Stival / 20 Summary

The principal: every three or four days, quarter of an hour, the patient examines his visual magic, one after the other, by pulling his finger to the front. which he writes with a letter on the screen, larger and smaller. If the results are poor, the ophthalmo who has received a warning by email warning will communicate with the user to arrange an urgent meeting. The patient can be treated quickly, usually with intangible injections, which avoid inevitable damage.

"It doesn't replace the ophthalmic, it gives the best of the guidance, explaining Dr Gualino. It gives you the right time to see the right person." There's no content the job which, like others, is seeing the number of melting experts: 5,500 today, against 3,600 expected in 2030.

Available on order

OdySight is available by order, and can only be applied to a code issued to the patient. "We know where we are," André said. That feels help, simple and vibrant. "

Vicious? Yes, because being past the test is “getting credit”, similar to the fracking fragments of the modern arcade, allowing a game of puzzles, graphics for the t Zelda. "As the game is a bit earlier, it makes you want to sit an exam," said Dr Gualino.

A virtuous circle, free of charge to clinic and the patient. OdySight is currently only for diseases in the retina, and is also used in Créteil, Rouen, or Paris, Quinzes-Vingts. Waiting for a national and even global situation, starting with Pittsburgh, in the United States, from the third quarter.

In order to provide finance itself, Tilak Healthcare is supporting two years of unspecified 'business groups'. She then hopes to influence the Secu about the benefits of the game, to obtain a refund, and also to sell OdySight to laboratories for clinical trials.

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