Odyssey will expand Assassin's Creation especially with the Legacy of its First Hidden Page. Here, you have your first search


We do not know if you have already increased Assassin Credit Odyssey or you can access Black Friday, but the Legacy & First Page Hidden, the first of the three advanced content currently launched is included in Pass Pass, a date and cover letter. And it does not look bad at all.

Indeed, and although we knew about the content already, we see how Alexios and Kassandra cross their paths with the hero who used the hidden blade for his & her; The first time, connecting the site differs from Greek Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed: Origins and rest of the saga.

Yes Odyssey Creass Asasin is achieved with the integrity of tools and formulas AC Odyssey, and even then reinforced to ARPG, the largest ones from the first delivery can also be considered. Both in the story and in the knowledge.

This DLC might be reinforced, and # 39; Gathering even more specific praise.

Contrast the face of the legend used by the blood blade for the first time to change the story of the story, and find out why the Assassins work in the screen.

In fact, the really interesting thing about it Legacy & First Page Hidden (the story will become increasingly free through Lost Greek Stories) that it will be add to a specific format, so that its & # 39; The first of the programs will start next week and, then, a new six-week program comes.


In this way, content will be free and taken into account in the season, occasionally, and # 39; ends in spring with his first appearance of the second DLC: End of Atlantis.

In fact, these materials can be purchased separately, although additional incentives include more inspiration: as well as the two extra stories stories – of three sections each – the one unpublished one included Assassin's Creed 3 has declined.


Odyssey Creass Asasin an uneven candidate of the year, as the best talent of the saga, at least of this generation. For now, you have a week ahead to get hold of everything you leave to come. That will start to & # 39; getting more interesting sea ​​on 4 December.

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