Offenders were arrested under suspicion after two years


Žilinský policajti zadrželi v uplynulých dňoch muža (64) a ženu (28) z Fiľakova, podozrivých z zabití seniora po celém Slovensku. It was to capture the person who was suspected of having a " Fundraising money for a pensioner is also ruled by police Martini.

In the year 2016, the young woman had to go into the family house court and reached a post office (86). She started as a lawyer from the Social Insurance Company. She talked about the return of money from the insurance company and she wanted money from the pensioner. Together, they should come to the house where a young woman had a conversation with her and she moved to the attention of her; pension in different rooms in the house. According to the police, he must take advantage of his supporter and take a cover of about 1,000 yarns from the bedroom.

"After a couple, the police tried for a long time and, as it came out, they brought people in the Humenné, Poprad, Stará Ľubovňa, Bardejov and Bánovce nad Bebravou areas," said the Sir Jana Balogová police. After being stolen by theft and breaking home freedom, the police have recommended that the accused person be protected.

The Lučenec was in Martine

A police inspector in Martine said they were in a position; trying to spoil Miroslav L. (43) from Lučenec. The accused was a deceased person (78) in February 2016. An unidentified person should disappear from a Martin and a post office. think of her son. He said there was a need for money for something that would be a big surprise and he needed 10,000 spores. The pensioner said she had only 4500 at home and other bank money. She told her that it was just enough to send her to her manager if she wanted to buy it, with the money he had given. For the rest of the money, she & she; placing a taxi to abandon her retired women, which she will give to her; Bank reserves the rest of its money. The pensioner was given that day to Miroslav, who came to her permanent residence. So, the appointee would have to board the taxi to name his son. Then she discovered that he did not ask for money. Therefore, the remaining money from the bank has not been selected.

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