Officer: Sony Mobile is running as an independent sector


Sony has one of the worst times in its history with the smartphone, because Sony Mobile from Sony-Ericsson has low ability to maintain positive results and support Now it has been confirmed that the sector will return to, as reported by Bloomberg.

Sony Mobile will be scrapped as an independent sector of the Japanese company, is becoming a part of the TV and sound record where the company still has a good reputation and it really does.

Sony Mobile losing its independence and from now on being part of a department Products and electronic goods. The department comprises television businesses, audio articles and cameras from Sony.

This evening it was told that he had Sony would close one of his factories in China to deal better with low financial and selling problems, but the bomb that was lost over the year the bomb was caused was a caused by this important restructuring.

In these times, Sony expects the Xperia line of smartphones will be returning to profit by 2021, so there will still be a few parts of problems for the Japanese company and we will now have to see how it is performing within a smartphone department now that it is no longer an independent sector.

It should first be noted that it is this trend will not affect the development of new materialsso, which is it Sony Xperia 2with which the technical specifications were signed during the hours.

With information from Bloomberg

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