Officers convicted by the Labor Department, Drug Wars and Social Issues put cars in the middle of the road


Mar Righteousness Information, the days in a network of people Ha Tinh looking for a politely decorated person: a white shirt in short pants, control of black cars; Policing 38N-3479 Every bag of plastic full of rubbish from the car that was thrown to the road and then just up to a car.

Prisoners of Labor Department officials, Wars of Wars and Social Issues for waste cars between the streets - Photograph 1.

A nobleman image that opens its & # 39; car that throws the luggage to network to the network automatically.

A community has quickly discovered that an owner is a. car that appeared in the chart: Mr T. – who was an officer; former Labor Department Cam Xuyen – Invalids and Social Affairs.

On the morning of November 22, an exchange with PV RighteousnessMr Hoang Van Chuong, Chair of the Xuyen Town People's Committee, confirmed that their home authorities had come to the site as soon as possible; It was written on her & # 39; video.

"As the community of a cyber community is recited, Nguyen Quoc T. is the person who has such concerns, who lives on her 15th , Cam Xuyen Town. We have designated a township to invite Mr T. to the office to work, "- said Chu.

According to Mr Chu, his work process, Mr T. recognizes that his drugs caused public toilets. Mr T. said that the reason for this ugly behavior was the result of the process of having a " cleaning of houses and rubbish. When the burning was dumped, he found a barrel that was on the roadside.

After clarifying its & # 39; Behavior that gives otters that cause unlucky hygiene on the street, the public authorities of the Cam Xuyen area have put the order 155 to express Mr T on 3 million dong.

"Mr T. is lamenting heavily, actively paying and asking the people to apologize for their offenses," – said Chu.

Van Dung

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