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"Hitman 2" was released, and as the last time, developers have also held special events. The next game will take place in Miami from November 20 to 4 December and ask you to kill one of the dead's dead: Sean Bin!

Seanbin made the bad man Mark Faba in the game and explained to his life. He has been a MI5 spirit, he escaped from arresting an ICA agent with a foul death, and has only one chance to burn, so it is more hard to catch!

Players know that "Assassin Mission" could be broken once! To prepare yourself enough, IO Interactive Studio will add the film closely, which will kill many opportunities.

You can use camouflage to hide the place where you hide, insert the laboratory to capture the verification body, and move the tested body to kill, or solve it just with rifle sniper, or the chance to get rid of killing.

No matter whether you're successful or not, this event will be a useful self-propaganda pen. It looks like it is fun to watch the target to be split into pieces, and just a pen that does not. attract too much attention.

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