Official Missions in Misiones for foul news about the detection of yellow fever


There was a clear massage recorded in the last times between missionaries and divisional tour operators, before the drafts exposed in different ways of communication about the causes caused by them. in a yellow fever, which led to the Ministry of Health; Public recites "there is no case of yellow fever in humans or mice for more than 11 years," it is said.

Within an hour of the start of the summer season in one of the tourist departments in Argentina, it began to spread in some of the national importance of the story under the title "Warning in the Cataracts ", for the threat at risk of the presence of Yellow Fever in the" north of its province.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health Ministry confirmed in Misiones that there is no case of yellow fever in humans or mice for more than 11 years. "Also, they reminded that most of the crime is a yellow fever vaccine since 2005, which has been counted so far by people on their & A 39% vaccine, which is a health shield and 354 health centers where they can request free of charge for vaccines essential.

In case of vaccination, they would also say that the most important prevention factor against the illness is "safe and accessible, there is enough protection to protect and protect life, no need for promotional data", and the same "It must be implemented 10 to 15 days before the planned trip to achieve their protection. "

Talk to her & # 39; subject, Mission Minister of Mission, Jose Maria Arrúa, "when the note was not very well published on the internet and shown by some TV channels, a journalist wrote me, asked me if he was sure There are issues in Yellow Fever Before you respond to a humorous area about an area that does not disturb me, I have notified the Minister of Health, Walter Villalba, who tells me that no case has been recorded for 11 years. "

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