Official report from the River for re-location of the Superclassic access


5 December, 2018

The Millionaire issued a statement explaining how the process will be to pay the money back to those who bought tickets for the River – Boca in the " Grampian.

Toraidhean River Libertadores

After the violent actions attacked by her son Boca Juniors That's going to the game River Plate to discuss the second end Cup Libertadores and to defer it, the CONMEBOL decide that this party will be played out of its mainland and elected by authorities; confederal as headquarters.

Before this move, the fans Millionaires Have they got the tickets to attend their mail; Mononaidh, they still did not know how the money would be back and many are planning to give the club a general bid for all that has happened. Now The River Report on repayment of tickets paid.

In the following, it is refusal to change the place, and # 39; think there are provisions CONMEBOL to delete a competition and its # 39; Creating inequality on terms, from which the set was directed Marcelo Gallardo to replace the place and the ability to & # 39; Play a game before people come. In addition to the damage played by the game Madrid, for the costs and distances.

"They are all ……, they are afraid to die", the sparkling anti-Boca theme that River is preparing for the Superfinal

Here's the official statement about River Plate:

Club Atlético River Plate certifies that he refused to change the place for the final of the Libertador Cup organized by CONMEBOL. That decision, stranger to the Club, and # 39; celebrates the continent's competition and affecting the equality of the conditions of loss in our local status.

The Club and the 66,000 supporters who have received the ticket for the & # 39; Monumental Stadium has now been criticized by a change in place to Madrid, cost and distance this means.

Due to this uncomfortable measure of CONMEBOL, Club Atlético River Plate tells that he will return the amount of the ticket available for his / her game; going to play in the Monumental, according to the following details:

– Partners who are paid by a credit card: their money back will be paid back this month.

– Members who paid in cash: the amount will be repaid back through social tax. Next week a credit note will be made so that you do not have to pay their fee until you reach a full ticket. If you prefer the money in money, you can come to the Paddock club on 18, 19 and 20, from 10 to 18. It is important to be aware that the amount will not be taken back to the keeper of the ticket, and must deliver the ticket Basic permit, copy of identity card and membership card (daily tax).

– We are the River that is paid by a credit card: the sum back through this will mean through this course.

– International Association: you must register the card information to [email protected] so that the Club will submit the entry level in the & # 39; this month. Enter the following data (if you need other information, we will inform you as soon as possible):

1. Name, surname and ID of the ticket owner.
2. Name, surname and ID of the credit card.
3. Banking and dependent.
4. Credit card number.
5. Decline.

Once the process is complete, you have a credit balance on your card with the same amount you paid for your ticket.

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