Official Report & The Walking Dead Issues & # 39; The future of Lauren Cohan with the exhibition


Lauren Cohan's last look this season The dead are walking coming earlier this month in & # 39; fifth part of the season, "What Comes After." If the showrunner series Angela Kang and AMC exec Scott Gimple have done anything about it, The dead are walking fans are not yet visible at the end of Maggie Rhee.

In a statement that reads earlier this evening Talking Dead, the powers mentioned that they would be happy to have the actor back on the show.

"Last episode of Maggie's 905 season," Talking Dead The guest Chris Hardwick said he read a statement prepared by Kang and Gimple. "But it's not the end of the story of Magaidh. We love Lauren Cohan and we hope to stop the bigger or further program, and we have built a story for that service. "

The statement recites what Brandon Davis has said at After the Dead earlier tonight, saying that Kang was currently mapping a ten and a season season; Think about ways to get Maggie back.

Previously, Cohan broke down pact agreements and the network ahead of Cohan to organize a gig by ABC and Whisky, a series where she has a high-profile status. Previous Kang told that the product would be willing to work around Cohan's time on Whiskey Whiskey to a degree.

"I hope it works. We will cross that bridge [when we get to it], "Kang of the series said, was launched in 2019.

"Lauren and I have had a conversation, and she is happy to come back, even though it's not for a full season. We can work with that. These registry problems. We will set out the story. It's good. We have a good relationship, and it's still the show. Sometimes our actors have to spread their wings a bit. We'll get that. "

Sometime during the six years just jumping after Rick's departure from the show, left Maggie Hilltop to help the Georgie group, play the secret business with Tigh nan Carts alum Jayne Atkinson.

Would Maggie return to inspire you for a ten season The dead are walking? What do you think of a limited role? What is this season? Tell us your comments in the comments below!

The dead are walking Sunday 9 / 8c on AMC.

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