Official weight for gasoline is less than 10%


The national government expects the oil companies to reduce the fuel price of 10% in December by falling in oil prices and the state dollar as arguments.

The Government has begun to negotiate with oil companies, according to newspaper. Chlarin, so that the reduction can reach at least good products, and their prices have increased by almost 70% to date this year.

"In December there is a renewal on our carbon tax, but we believe that the oil companies have been achieving equal income (the equality price of the in , including the production of local production output) and now need to reduce the 10% discount, at least in price (naphtha) ", precise from Rosada Clarín newspaper.

"The oil companies are coming in to submit them to do to make sure they include a price the traders, something logical that they are lower, "said one officer who asked not to name them.

In the Management Branch, they are maintained that they did not increase the rise in international oil price, which reached $ 85 in early October. But this is changing the situation and the oil is declining in the area of ​​US $ 62 per barrel in the Brent case, which is the country's most popular mix.

In the Power Government, they will build these arguments with YPF authorities, but can also be brought to Axion and Shell, the other leading players in the market. In any case, the official conviction that YPF is of importance to market dominance is that it is abolished; rest of the market.


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