Officially … Zamalek is cutting the road on Ahli .. And there are documents that contracted electricity


Zamalek Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba was scheduled to record Sunday for four seasons.

President Zamalek, has been a powerful hit for amateur roommakers and mumps and misleading and misleading news stories; White Castle.

The remaining hours have seen a series of campaigns against the White Citadel's face, not to proof of a contract signed by Mahmoud Abdel Moneim, and that he is entitled to sign any club during his / her; winter.

Zamalek's officers cut the door on Al Ahly's attempts to be able to go. negotiate with the player and be included in the current time after the reports that there was a gap in the & # 39; contract and not to be registered with the administration at the beginning of the season, which encouraged the White to move strongly and solve the situation and maintain it, professionalism is the first one when there is an appropriate offer at the end of the session due to the need to live and the problem; left in January, and the second one related to his financial impact after the player asked him to; contract with the team to its first department.

Zamalek's management is trying to maintain the focus of the players and is not drawn by any business that has been done. affecting the team's process, and affecting the time to stop its team, league championship because the national team participates in the " Tunisia game in 2019 in African Afrikaans countries to solve some of the items within the team, driven by what happened.

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Zamalek's coach, Christian Grosse, has been suggested to have been converted and he refused to leave for the last time during his dealings with the administration and stressed that he represents an incredible force for him and important from Khatami's side; warns of the problem that he is leaving and his / her; His influence on the team.

Gros is responsible for empowerment both in the position of the incredible climber and player, making it a strategic element. The training is also susceptible to maintaining the consistency of the format and does not change it regularly and in particular to electronically push it.

Electra has received some oral contributions from the Gulf in the past, but the player has successfully pursued European priorities after his experience in Switzerland, and I prefer to wait so as to provide a suitable offer among its success with Zamalek and to be involved in the & most of the team.

Zamalek president in the last meeting stated that there would be different issues in the previous team and his / her; Follow a professional policy in dealing with everything that belongs to the team's players, and at the same time the management is planning to & # 39; Penalties that have already been signed due to the crisis about the month of the event in the competition of the competition As a type of satisfaction and a reward for and to continue to meet the special offers with the team.

Zamalek was hitting Al-Anjal Al-Harbi 2-1 in a & # 39; last league tour and is preparing to meet Al-Dakhiya on Thursday at Petrosport Park.

The player regularly participates in Zamalek training as it is not included in the national team list at this time and is up-running with his / her team; Mexican coach Javier Aguirre.

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