Ogier in the style of an old mother to the sixth title in a series


The Frenchman Sebastien Ogier (Ford) received the title of the world concert in the rally for the sixth year afterwards.

In the rally after Australia, the trial is thirteen and final of the season SP

Sebastien Ogier

finished a fifth and put 219 points in total

Thierry Neuvilla

(Hyundai), which collected 201 points. In Australia, Fionn won

Jari-Matti Latvala


Ogier, who has been the lead of the SP from 2013, has been convinced so far in the second place in the everlasting case. More titles, nine, only his cousin

Sebastien Loeb,

who was a hero between 2004 and 2012, and Finn collected four titles

Juha Kankkunen


Tommi Mäkinen.

Toyota was celebrating this year among the teams.

On the rally in Australia, for Latvia, which finished fourth in fourth place, Novozelandec

Hayden Paddon,

which fell behind 32.5 seconds, with the third one back from 52.2 seconds

Mads Ostberg.

For Fionn & Fourth

Esapekko Lappi

but Ogier came to an end with two minutes and a half behind him, enough to defend the title, as he won a special scoring speed and got five more points.

Before the final race of the season, Belgium Thierry Neuville also had the opportunity to face, and Estonians were more theoretical

Ott Tanak.

The latter was also in the game to win a rural Australian country and managed to control after the second day but did not finish the race as he went to a tree in the fastest test of forty. In an extremely difficult attempt to turn the final section into favor, however, Neuville would have no ranking. Three HPs were hitting the edge of the road before the end and put off their & # 39; bike. The color for the final episode, Neuville finished second, Tanak was the third place, and the bill was for the tightest title in the last time.

At the end of the last day, Ogier did not try to make more effort because of the worst contestants left, but often he would also reduce the game. After the rally, even recognizing that some of the levels are also away

"How would even my old mother,"

as he was aware that a bigger mistake could cost him a lot. Especially on the last day, this was even more susceptible, since the growth of forest wood roads grew very slippery in water.

"There is a new season for me, but the battle for his throne was very tight and very emotional. I am very happy and proud of what has been achieved by my whole team." We went on a good trip, "

Ogier said.

This is the last season for the Ford team, and will place the next year for Citroena, who signed up to a two-year contract and where it had been in the seasons between 2008 and 2011. He moved to Volkswagen (2013-16), where he won four titles, with the fifth and sixth place with Ford.

Sebastien Ogier WRC with Mexico


Sebastian Ogier's Signature on three Shovanians

WRC, Australia:

1. Jari-Matti Latvala / Miikka Anttila (Fionn / Toyota) 2: 59: 52.0

2. Hayden Paddon / Sebastian Marshall (NZl / VBr / Hyundai) +32.5

3. Mads Ostberg / Torstein Eriksen (Neo / Citroen) 52.2

4. Esapekka Lappi / Janne Ferm (Fionn / Toyota) 1: 02.3

5. Sebastien Ogier / Julien Ingrassia (Neo / Ford) 2: 30.8

General order (13):

1. Sebastien Ogier (Fra / Ford) 219 points

2. Thierry Neuville (Bel / Hyundai) 201

3. Ott Tanak (Est / Toyota) 181

4. Jari-Matti Latvala (Fionn / Toyota) 128

5. Esapekka Lappi (Fionn / Toyota) 126


1. Toyota 368 points

2. Hyundai 341

3. M-Sport Ford 324

4. Citroen 237

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