Ohio is passing Maryland in a long term


All of the anticipated games we would have all the next week of Ohio State vs. Michigan matchup.

But Maryland almost did not kill him.

He gave over 700 yards of great offenses and attempts from Dwayne Haskins and JK Dobbins, but Buckeyes fled to College Park with a 52-51 drama impact.

And everything came to stop protection.

After the OSU was ahead of its premature opening, Maryland responded quickly to its re-installations. Instead of giving a short time, Maryland chose to go for two. Tyrrell Pigrome reached Terps's rectangle correctly and Jeshaun Jones was open for her & winner, but the pass passed.

Urban Meyer, who was looking at the & # 39; casualties on the horizon all night, and the Buckeyes want to go; grow up and evolve to last 10-1.

Ohio State's win is playing the Big Ten East title de facto next week's anti-Wolverines game where there will be a place in the & # 39; Big Ten episode game – and possibly the College Football Team – on the line.

Ohio State tied the game three times in the fourth quarter

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Behind an amazing performance from Anthony McFarland, Leum Maryland out to two-score two-score steering. McFarland went on for 298 yards, with 155 yards of these rods coming to her; first three behaviors of the game. For real. The prestigious leaky OSU defensive curtilage assistant sent to move 81 and 75 yards in the first six minutes of control. "Data-reactid =" 59 "> Following an amazing performance by Anthony McFarland, Maryland jumped to two score points to the first half. McFarland went on for 298 yards, with 155 pence of these rods coming to his first three behaviors of the game. His first six minutes of control.

The headteacher grew up to 17-3 after his first season. Thereafter, the Ohio State crime was allowed to play up.

The Buckeyes sent Terps to 24-17 at half-time, but six-year-old RaVon Davis was successful who runs to 31-17 in the second half. However, Haskins, Dobbins and the OSU crime maintained their fight, Tie the score three times – 31-31, 38-38 and 45-45 – fourth quarter. Haskins described the three of these touchdowns, and six of them all – three through the air and three on the ground.

Dwayne Haskins, J.K. Dobbins raised the protection of leaky OSU

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Attack one-yard Haskins touchdown the score of 38 & Ages with 3:41 left in control. At the next attack in Maryland, Pigrome discovered Darryl Jones behind the protection for a great benefit to the one-stop line. Ultimately – after getting a start automatically on Maryland on a penalty against a controversial lawsuit in the date zone – the Terps won 45-38 hard play with 1:41 to play. "Data-reactid =" 63 "> A Cheangail Pigrome said Darryl Jones was behind the defense to benefit the one-line line. Finally – after the first time to give Maryland a move to Transmission case with questioning in the date zone – Terps took a 45-38 bonus on a hard play with 1:41 to play.

McFarland was trying to go out for the tour line, but Chigoziem Okonkwo was there to go on; widespread member for scoring.

But he can not defend Maryland. With the help of Demario McCall returning to the middle of the environment, OSU did not; need only 1:01 to tie the score, this trip to three Haskins TD going to Binjimen Victor, and his / her. giving extra time.

Haskins, who has been very proven for his or her problems, poses a waste threat, kept on reading and listening options. record his third score to attack her; game to open premature time. And, thanks to Pigrome's confidence, that's the winning match.

Haskins, with 405 yards, 59 yards and six full TDs, play the best game of the year. Dobbins also had a great day, going for 203 yards on 38 behaviors – the two vocational levels.

Ohio State protection is still struggling

He has been a prominent weakness throughout the long season, but Maryland State did not respond to Maryland for his whole game. This is the only Maryland team that has made a recent attempt of 115 full slabs in the loss of Iowa and 100 yards totally lost to Michigan State. But on Saturday, the Terps, played with fourteenth backup, the Buckeyes for 535 yards and 51 points.

No. 4 visits to Michigan the following weeks, the Buckeyes will be better at & # 39; show some things, and do it as soon. Or it could not be a long day.

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