Oil estimates for oil work have fallen – Crete


More than 1 million tonnes less than oil oil oil expectation in the EU

There were only one million tonnes falling outside their original estimates for a & # 39; made whole olive oil in the first quarter of autumn with representatives of the main oil countries of olive oil in the European Union.

How is the latest data from European Commission experts who? appears in the first three months of autumn in the leading countries that are grows worldwide, just 1.1 million tonnes have been made and therefore the original initially 2.1 million tonnes of interest is not possible .

As re-published on the Growth Estate website of Crete, SEDIK's Chief Executive, Agronomist Nikos Michelakis, in late December, made only 166,000 tonnes, 105,000 in Greece, 84,000 in Portugal and 720,000 tonnes in Spain.

During this time, the autumn was in Italy, Greece and her. Portugal, where it had started very early, 70-90% was ready and only in Spain, where it was almost a month due to a continued delay, was about 50 -60%.

In Spain, however, the delays in harvesting due to fertile waters, as well as the quality impact, have impacted on oil oil oil's yield in olive oil, according to service AICA (Food Information and Control Service) of the country. in December he fell to 17.5%. So, according to AICA, the data shows that it is hard to go to # 39; 1.55 million tonnes, as Nikos Michelakis argues.


At the same time, the prices of producers in olive oil oil continue to rise at the same levels in Italy, Spain and Spain. Greece, despite the fact that the autumn course, as it emerges from official sources, is very different in terms of its level of performance, but also in terms of its final height.

So, although autumn is still 70% in Spain, in Italy and Greece it is almost complete, with the expected eyes considerably lower in the three countries originally considered , according to SEDIK publications.

On the other hand – according to the same source – for unprofitable purposes, large media reports report various causes in the rural area in a large Spanish representation (1,700 km), resulting in the conditions of mental weather for supply and falling prices!

SEDIK believes that the difference between prices between its & # 39; Greece, Spain and, in particular, Italy is just paradoxical, but completely opposed to market laws. That's why scientists should be important, but especially politicians, to be involved too!

Oil oil

As they all seem, the main purpose of the supplying structure, which is beautiful in Greece, has several shoes and inter-groups that have a great interest in selling and selling them. ; collect the commission itself.

"Most of the country's oil mills (about 2,300) and almost every Crete (around 550) sell oil oil directly or directly through medium brokers, at the prices that great customers offer.

SEDIK offers oil oil sales through ropes or offers and its products; offer the free publication on its website. And this way has already yielded important results, as the prices have been achieved by competitions made by partners such as Kritsa, Zakros, Embaros, Thrapsanou, Aggeliani, Selinou and others Agricultural Cooperatives. higher at € 0.30-0.50 / kg. & # 39;

However, in the last few days, traders have a Demonstrating a centrally large hope of enhancing the producer's prices.

The challenge facing the SEDIK in terms of the great difference between prices in our country and Italy is that the Italian government is supporting oil oil, and # 39; publicize it, balance balance and usually get a & # 39; adding that Italian olive oil is more familiar to users of the olive oil that created its Greeks.

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