Oil market in the hands of Trump, Putin and Salman Bin


The actions (or contracts) of three – President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and Prince of the Crown, Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) – will confirming its oil program in 2019 and beyond. But indeed they want different things.

Although he was constantly struggling with the OPEC to reach a consensus, the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia have been able to reach the EU. impact on global supplies. Together they make more oil than the 15 members of the OPEC. All three are pumping at registration rates and each country can increase again next year, although not all want to do so.

Margaidean in Trump, Putin and Salman Bin

In June, Saudi Arabia and Russia urged the OPEC group to consolidate the constraints of oil, and, starting early in 2017. Then both films progressed almost or near the stage. green. At the same time, the work of the US was great, since the production of oil production companies from Permian lagoon across Texas overseas oil pipes to Costa Rica. Chamais.

These elevations, coupled with the slowening of oil demand and President Trump's decision imposes sanctions on some oil makers in Iran, have gone back to market awareness due to concerns about the situation. lack of supply.

With oil prices down, Saudi Arabia said he would cut 500,000 barrels of exports the next month and warned manufacturers that they would need around 1 million barrels per day from the October production. He put a warm answer from Putin and put a problem back from Tweet from Trump

Salman's Bin needs money from oil sales to finance his ambitious plans to transform Saudi Arabia, and to his / her; Avoiding problems from people who have an impact on their & # 39; process. International Financial Fund is expected to have $ 73.3 barrel of the oil kingdom next year to balance the fiscal budget. Brent crude works at around $ 5 less than that. The third year cut is the only way Saudi Arabia will get what they need.

He presents many challenges from Mr Putin and Mr Trump. The Russian president shows that he is not happy about his / her. restrict oil work again. The Moscow budget is largely dependent on oil prices because Russia agrees to be involved in OPEC's efforts to balance the oil market balance in 2016 and its oil companies are want to be & # 39; coming from the fields. they have invested. So, Putin will be unhappy to cut with MBS.

At the same time, the fight against Mr Trump is far more natural and comes into the middle of each other and MBS is a bit worse; trying to maintain their political ties, as long as the US's ancestors do not; consider the punitive steps. more difficult against Saudi Arabia in response to the Yemen war and journalist Jamal Khashoggi murder

Mr Trump's tweeter streams are more likely to come from the oil fields in Texas. US representatives have been the same as the total output of OPEC in the last 12 months. Their yield would receive 12 million barrels per day in April, according to the US Energy Department.

Saudi Arabia will play with Mr Trump's tantrum, incredible Putin and US broken industry if they hope to balance the oil market by 2019.

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