Oil prices fall, oil stocks?


Lean raw oil prices in 2018 have been changing swiftly. In October, four-year high-quality oil prices met a decision to punish Iran. However, after the United States, eight countries who bought Iran and Saudi Arabia oil have promised to bring more produce to bring oil shortages out of Iran, oil prices started to & # 39; declined dramatically and is currently at the lowest level. 2018.

In particular, oil prices fell dramatically on November 23. The WTI lost $ 4.21, or 7.7 per cent, to $ 50.42 barrel, the worst settlement from 6 July. At the end of the week, WTI lost 10.7%, which recorded the seventh week of ongoing loss. Brent raw oil fell on the same day $ 3.84, or 6.1 per cent, to a low 13-month barrel of $ 59.04. Last week, Brent oil price fell by 12%.

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WTI oil price in the last 6 months

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Brent oil prices in the last six months

Prices for the two oil have dropped over 30 per cent from the higher in early October.

JPMorgan has made a reduction in the oil market vision, with the expectation of Brent's raw oil; It costs $ 73 barrel in 2019, down from its previous repression of $ 83.5 in the barrel. Prices will continue to $ 64 per barrel the following year. JPMorgan, Asia Pacific oil and gas department leader of the Pacific Ocean, Scott Darling, states that the decline in the oil price perspective has led to an increase in North American supplies in the second half of 2019. Demand is a factor to consider , especially after the Petroleum Reformation Agency (OPEC) agreed to increase production in June, said Darling.

Petrol stocks

Market petrol stock has been very strong at oil prices worldwide. GAS decrease from the top of 6 months, to 124,000 VND / department (4/10) to 92,500 VND / divisions, thus down 34% in less than 2 months.

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GAS trading in the last 6 months

The same happened with PVS, which dropped 30% from VND22,200 to VND17,110. PVD decreases from VND21,900 / share to VND15,500 / share, down 29.2%.

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GAS trading in the last 6 months

After a four-year high-ranking position in early October, many experts have forecasts a clear future in the future, however, the developments in the world's oil market show against .

Scenes for oil and gas industry

According to Bien Thien Toan, the world's oil and gas market will have an unacceptable situation affecting business enterprise business activities. However, the level of impact will be shared with the depth associated with the world oil market. In terms of revenue, a gas business agency with representatives of the Vietnam Gas Group (GAS), South Gas Co-Chomun Stock Company (PGS), Gas Shared Stock Company (PVG), Stock Company Co. Principal PetroVietnam Poverty Distribution (PGD), Principal Industrial and Industrial Investment Company (PMG), CNG Vietnam Association Association (CNG) Stock Company … Direct impact on high price prices in oil prices the world. This business group also turns to & # 39; show consensus with the prices of oil prices past, particularly in the 2014-2016 period.

Also, the price of oil prices is influenced by Binh Son Oil Refining (BSR) and Petro Vietnam (PLX) will reduce some of its; Their impact is supported by petrol petrol petrol. PLX will have the potential to grow in the years ahead with E5 petrol offerings and new higher value-added materials that outline the risk of oil prices.

The options of the companies that work in the oil and gas department upstream the PTSC (PVS) and PV Trans (PVT) stream. dependency with oil prices. With the rising demand for oil output in the country and in the department's oil and gas research projects, PVS and PVT provide an opportunity to increase their performance and be "superficial". a momentum of oil prices in the future.

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