Oil prices fell with more than seven percent


The reason for falling in marketer prices is wider in the markets, as the swaps also have a & # 39; weakened.

November 2018 at 19:53 TASR

New Guide. Crude oil prices fell dramatically. An American WTI is sold from $ 53 ($ 46.41) per barrel. The purpose is to market the markets more widely, when the stock swings are in a position; weakened too.

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A WTI raw oil (159 liter) barrel with the January contract was sold at USD 52.88 at 19.25 CET. It was $ 4.32 or 7.55 per cent less than on Monday (November 19) at the end of trade on New York Stock Exchange.

In January, a contract for raw Brent oil fell at 4.97 or 7.44 per cent to 61.82 per page per barrel.

Reinforced retail in the energy sector is linked to sharp stock market weakening. The main share of US Dow Jones's business loss was almost 500 points or 2 percent in the early afternoon.

(1 EUR = 1.1421 USD)

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