Oil prices go back to a small extent as OPEC believes that output is cut


Oil prices fell to the lowest level in the last Friday, a course for the one-month-off decline of the end of 2014, even as oil representatives are considering cutting to try more than over and accuracy.

Oil-led, United States-led oil supply grows faster than the demand and to prevent fuel that is not used as those that appeared in 2015, it is expected that the Petroleum Replacement Countries to maintain a product after a meeting scheduled for December 6.

But this has been as little to do to propose the price. Oil cauldron value has fallen by around 20 per cent to date in November, in a strike of seven weeks lost.

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Brent crude oil fell at $ 2.31 barrel, or 3.7 per cent, low at $ 60.29, the lowest from November 2017. By 1050 GMT, Brent was trading at around $ 60.75, down $ 1.85.

Lighter fool lost US $ 2.90, or 5.3 per cent, at one time to cost a $ 51.73 barrel.

"It is now a question how long can longer behave to burn. Will they go out of arms & #? 39; sooner or have a lot of leaflets? "The director of PVM Oil Associates, Tamas Varga said.

"It is reasonable to compare the current economic and supply design / demand with the same four years ago. After that, it was in November and December 2014 when oil prices fell more or smaller to the same extent they are now, "he said.

Sustainability has been as high as the highest in the end of 2016, as investors have moved to buy protection against the reduction in casualties on casualties.

Flexibility, amount of investor request for a specific option, has leaped over 60 per cent for very fast sales over time, doubled than it was a fortnight ago.

Global oil supply has grown this year. The International Energy Group expects that OPEC results will only be issued up to 2.3 million pounds this year, up from its prehistoric six months ago of 1.8 million pd.

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This year's application is expected to grow at 1.3 million pd level, compared to a 1.5 million pd repayment six months ago.

Maintaining a lower demand, the top food restaurant Saudi Arabia said on Thursday could reduce its supply because it is a " OPEC's approval of an equal treaty of 1.4 million pd.

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