Oil prices have fallen slightly, US oil stocks have risen to almost annually


The markets are waiting for an oil summit in December.

November 22, 2018 at 9:10 AM TASR

Singapore. Crude oil prices fell slightly on Thursday, and # 39; Increase recording of oil growth in the US is nearly one year.

However, a stronger decline has been sustained with market expectation that the Petroleum Change Agency (OPEC) Group and other major representatives agree on the mining restriction of the beginning of December.

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Brent's raw oil price converted in January to 14.35 in central Europe with 14 cents to 63.34 dollars (55.52 euros) per barrel.

Few prices of WTI also fell a bit. It reached 54.53 US dollar barrel, which means a fall of ten pence compared to the # 39; previous closing date.

The US Department of Energy said on Wednesday that oil resources in the United States grew last week with 4.9 million to 446.91 million barrels (1 barrels = 159 liters). This is the highest number since last December.

However, the OPEC members managed by Saudi Arabia could agree to reduce their mining at December meeting. Saudi Arabia is trying to imply other states to reduce the yield with one million to 1.4 million barrels per day.

The event will be held on the sixth day of December in Vienna.

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