"Olainfarm" Inspector Anars Giels was appointed as Latvian Television Head With music and news


Riga, March 28, LETA. The National Council for International Media (NEPLP) has today appointed Einars Giels, a marketing marketing data analysis by chemical manufacturer Latvian Olainfarm, as Chair of the Latvia Television Board (LTV).

Council then elected Evu Juhņvičič, Executive Director of XXVI General Latvian Song and XVI Dance Celebration for position of digital development and content of LTV board member.

Member NEPLP, Aurelia Ieva Druviete, with the agreement of the new board, confirmed that “new times start on public television”. In deciding, the council took cognizance of the ability and willingness of the applicants to work together, as well as an understanding of the media and public media environment, Druviete stressed.

According to Druviete, Giel was proven by the competition commission in leadership, capability and experience, data analysis, ability to make decisions, and a vision for improvement. In that case, Juhnevičius confirmed that he was able to manage projects of national importance working with creative people. NEPLP ensured that it would be able to provide high quality content, said Druviete.

“It has to be said that there is a high level of credit from the wider NEPLP. In the competition we were certain that the applicants were very positive with the campaign.

She expressed the hope that the new board will be able to effect operational change and to improve LTV and public media.

The new board will take place on 15 April.

In the vote, Giel got four from five votes. Guntis Lidaka, a member of the NEPLP, voted against his candidature wanting to see Juhnevičius in this case. There were five votes for the post of Board Member of Juhņvičič.

NEPLP is not afraid of the lack of media experience in the two new board members. Druviete said "the competition was first assessed for understanding the media environment, the basics of public media activity". “A primary school is media literacy. We must admit that these people have no direct knowledge of the media, but at the same time they were able to alert us to their media studies, "said Druviete.

In total, 36 vacancies within the LTV Board of Directors were appointed to vacant posts and 6 applicants were submitted for the final of the competition:

Juhņēviča, Giels, owner of "GMI" Ltd. Gints Miķelsons, director of marketing and electronic media advertising "MIX Media Group" Andris Māliņš, professor of School Law Division in Business Administration "Turība" Jānis Rušenieks and member of the Viking Television Board Vikija Valdmane Rosenberg.

Three of the six candidates – Juhnviča, Māliņš and Rušenieks – were appointed for both positions, and Giels and Mikelsons applied for the position of Chair of the Board, while Valdmane-Rozenberga applied for the position of Board Member.

LETA has already reported that NEPLP, as a state owner, on 28 December last year, was a partner of the state, agreed to trust the Ita Beltem, Chair of the Board of ATV, and Sergei. Nesterov, Board Member. NEPLP representatives reported that LTV did not provide strategic planning and development project monitoring in 2017 and 2018 within the established timescales and budget frameworks, which are unlikely to attract taxpayers' funds. be used as effectively as possible in the public interest.

Board Member Ivars Priede continues the work of the LTV Board.

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