Old Bible Sodom had been real, destroyed by a great disruption, and archaeologists


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It was not a real place; In the old town Sodom's Bible, but was destroyed by fire from the air, as the Bible says. However, this fire came in the form of a "great asteroid explosion" in the air over the region, saying archaeologists, in a controversial paper that was published this week.

Mar News statements, some historians have long believed that there is something for the story of the Old Testament about Sodom and Gomorrah. For those who are unfamiliar, Genesis 18:19 tells how God destroyed them, angry with the abusive men of both villages, both by fire. And although very few scientists thought that the cities were destroyed by vengeance anger, some thought that the cities could be made with a meteor strike.

Now, new evidence appears to support this theory.

Phillip Silvia, from Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, and his team published the results this week at an annual meeting of Eastern Schools of Investigation in Denver, Colorado.

The Silvia team believes it is a dead sea site, the Bronze Age land area called Tall el-Hammam, in a "Sodom" which could be called "Sodom", which is believed to have been destroyed about 3,700 years ago.

a Dead Sea in the Middle East


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Using radiocarbon data, the Silvia team states that the settlement was abandoned in advance of the unexpected event that was expected. The Bible. A "heat event", which may be caused by antitrust or a long meteor explosion; climb over the air over the region, heating up the structures on the ground to the extent that the bikes were rapidly reduced, Israel timesSub-Side Some materials were crystallized at the same time, and the outer installments of some of the pottery extracts were melted into glass, and also increased their praise in temperature.

The event, which says Silvia's team, also heat up the soil to point that her nutrition was removed – explaining why a series of one-off settlements would be abandoned suddenly, not only for return until later times.

"The most favorable agricultural land in the region, which has provided regular subsidy support for at least 3,000 years, should be slowly deployed, and then, 39; nevertheless, people who live for a long time to submit an application. "

Meteors do not have to hit the ground to cause a dramatic decline. One of the largest mechanical events held in a recorded history involving the breakdown of a meteor (or possibly comet) in the middle of the air, rather than being & # 39; hitting the ground. It is believed that the Tunguska 1908 event, for example, has been caused by a spacecourse that was in place; High-level blasting over the ground, increasing tens of thousands of square miles of woodland in the process. Fortunately, he met in a remote area and, as this inscription, does not believe he has been the result of the death of anyone.

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