Old & Humiliation & # 39; and Tamim Shamsur encouraged


The old impulse has emphasized Shamsur. Photograph: Shamsul Haque

48, 36, 34 *, 28 * – & Shamsur Rahman may not have the name Ahmari. But Comilla is now the tallest runner in the last four, with Shamsur's important place at an important stage. But Rangpur Rangers passed the team in the BPL before

They did not keep me after a couple of weeks. It has to be a breakdown, "said Shamsur Rahman, who finally hit the BPL event.

No team has expressed an interest in the 2017 BPL draft. Rangpur Riders will take Shamsur two or two weeks before the competition starts. He was very happy to have a chance in Rangpur. But it did not take time to match the & # 39; happy & Rangpur left him for some days. "I played in the three editions of Bangladesh (6 Test, 10 ODI, 9 T20 or if I did not play), it's hard to do the job," he said, Leaving the team in & # 39; last minute. Do not care. & # 39;

Do not think, but in the mind it's hard to work. Since then Shamsur has prepared himself again. The product of this BPL is also the result of the product. There may not be huge casualties, Comilla Victorians are leading in the last four collections, in which the middle of the Samsur Inner Hebrides made important help. Shamsur has been a great deal, Comilla has not yet lost a game. 162 runs at an average of 40.50 in 6 matches. Strikaretta also says -132.78

Shamsur was preparing to do well in her & # 39; Competition, but it was not easy to take, & # 39; I've been working hard with her; method and fitness of my own batting. We tried to correct our mistakes. Indeed, the players that are outside the national team must know how difficult it is to prepare. If the national team, the academic team, a youth club is busy, the BCB use can not be used. When I get up early or left; everyone rises to work Thanks to the Gamini Curator who gave me the opportunity to give an attack after all tricks. & # 39;

Shamsur is grateful to Tamim Iqbal Comilla on Shamsur is taken from the outset to Bangladesh's Openers. Shamsur also encouraged Tamim to play in the & # 39; Competition, "If Tamim trusted me, I might have the BPL play. Everyone has confidence, but it's important that you have confidence in the right time. I am grateful Tamim has enabled me to play such a competition. Try to reward her as much as possible as possible. & # 39;

Shamsur has regenerated the secrecy of old pasture and confidence Tamim. The rhythm is not kept but kept.

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