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Around the end of Yulia Nachalova, heroes are not lying. This time, her husband, Dmitry Lanskoy, arose in the field of information, criticizing her "PR-PR managers". The patron's comments were not as long as coming.

On the night of 27 March Dmitry Lanskoy reported on the hype that arose around his name. It was believed that she had called for Julia Nachalova to lose weight, and as a result she began to suffer with anorexia. Lanskoy refused this data, and has used a hard copy.

"In terms of the legends, created by her PR managers about anorexia, there is no certified technical document here. This is fiction and the information is 100 per cent. the first is Julia Nachalova.

The words of Dmitry Lansky PR director became the singer Anna Isaeva. She commented on the comments on Instagram. She said she said nothing like that. “I find it strange that I have not used“ Lanskoy ”name out loud in public or in kitchens (later, the spelling and punctuation of the author is preserved). . I didn't know it, and I don't want to see the information. I have been a PR manager for many years and I am not hiding. Dmitry blames me for something I've never done. So what? T Slander me? "- he asked Isaeva regularly.

Assistant Julia Nachalova asked for the creation of materials to show that the person who was against Dmitry Lansky from the anorexia singer was. "It's a strange person … and where there is at least one evidence – about me, the impact it has on Yulia's life. So it is possible to wake up for business. why should I encourage war with myself, why? What is that meant? – we asked the dead PR singer.

It is remembered that Julia Nachalova died on 16 March as a result of a heart attack as a result of strong loss. 21st March, the singer was buried at Troyekurovsky cemetery in Moscow.

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