Older Choice & # 39; national breadth as a national dress at & # 39; Miss Universe 2018 & # 39; Culture


Previously, the competition is for a selection of national clothing for Vietnam's representatives at her; Miss Universe has six jobs in the last round of the tiger (Nguyen Dang Thanh Nhan), Pham Minh Phuc (Phham Minh Phuc), Pho Thang (Nguyen Duc Hai), the famous Vietnam (Nguyen Vu Hung – Thach Thanh Dat), Bread (Pham Phuoc Dien).

The listeners value all 6 samples due to design, creativity, origin and style, escape from the familiar design patterns, and # 39; shows a new insight into writing. Vietnam through the eyes of the amateur photographers. The most attention is bread. But in addition to the proposals, this design caused mixed ideas because it was look good at sea. In this dress, the Vietnam Universe Vietnam 2017 was pleased to have looked like a baker, a very popular and familiar image of Vietnam.

Older Do not select national breadth & # 39; as a national dress at Miss Universe 2018 & # 39; - picture 1

H & A does not restart a bread on afternoon 21.11. It can be seen that planes are made with "Eat and adventure" and "10K" was criticized for doing so; legs to be sad.

Picture: FBMU

Finally, with the total votes from the listeners (40%) and the judges (60% points) including Thuan Viet's designer, Duong Truong Thien Ly – Miss World Geography Vietnam, Asia With Hằng, Hen Niê's official craftsman Distribution Aran (Pham Phuoc Dien).

So, for the first time to designate Vietnam's days and create it into national dress, The Pham Phouoc Dien Bread causes the fever's probationary outbreak to the audience. He is very fond of what his / her opinion is; Increasingly, after the judges say, as well as having many ideas, views from the audience, the crop has changed according to new images that are suitable for Older. More and more Vietnamese identity. Hen Nie is a beautiful queen with brown hair, and so with her national uniform competition at Miss Universe this year, it is not surprising that she chose the page template. Besides the beauty of Vietnam in the previous international competitions.

Miss H & N; Nothing ready to come Distribution She plans to come to Thailand from November 29. The detailed Miss Universe Competition is as follows: National Dress (11.12), Semi Final (13.12) and its final visit at 7am on December 17.

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