Olympus provides benefits of microscopic systems and high light lighting in the Alpha³ system


Olympus Corporation named today that its Alpha Life sciences has high-quality microscopes to add to its life-long microscope. This advertisement is the result of a new partnership with PhaseView, a 3D micro-company and scientific design based out of Paris, France. By setting up the Olympics 'BX43' framework and optics at StageView's multiview aircraft modernization technology, Alpha³ is a highly efficient microscope response. This collaboration between Olympus and PhaseView aims to spread the distribution of Alpha³ pages in America.

Advantages of light sheet (LS)

Alpha³ from StepView supports an Olympus image product line and a wide range of advanced microscopic technologies. Alpha³'s Alpha microscope (LSM) system provides a high-quality solution and a range of biology and animation samples based on 3D drawings. The optional 3D 3D scanning technology enables the fast stopping of z-stacking and construction without 75 images / second. Unlike traditional traditional technologies, which receive an increasing depth of light perspective, a light sheet gives a greater depth of field over all viewpoints. As a result of one of its dual slider units, Alpha³ can be more sub-feelings without affecting the speed or efficiency of exposure.

In addition to increased speed, the important benefit of the microscope of the light sheet is reduced by reducing phototoxicity. The system has a multi-plane plane clarity, combined with the ultra-modern laser focus technology, allowing the visual component of ultrathin for single-light unity, greater axis axis, and better response to indicators compared to traditional methods.

Flexibility and accessibility at a premium quality

Alpha³'s system is used in vivo view submissions to large samples, purified by advanced features:

  • A variety of sample holders include a wide range of size modules
  • Watch live by using brain eyes and any room that is easily controlled
  • A macro-to-miracle feeling for the creation of whole organs as well as small organisms at a subcellular solution
  • Moving fluids folded from the mill for a aquatic and organic liquid t

Alpha³ has a partnership component, including a full range of search objectives (2X – 60X), extending the benefits of the spreadsheet to a wider range of academic research areas. The system can be adapted to meet specific needs and set specific budgets.



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