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Omantel announced on Sunday that a new package of postpaid packages was launched, the special folder designed to strengthen the lives of customers with a tight and unprecedented connection for its supporters. Enjoy a range of features such as internet data, local calls and non-endless SMS, 5 GB of internet data that can be used at an international global gathering, 300 minutes for long-running modes & # 39; There is a decline and 40% Only 99 kingdoms.

Speaking of the launch of the two new perspectives, Deputy Chief Executive of Omantel's Government, Haitham Bin Abdullah Al Kharousi said: "We will continue to try to make the lives of our subscribers more sustainable and greasy with our services and our unique solutions designed to strengthen their experiences and to increase their expectations and expectations. We are happy to to launch our most recent postcode packages for the first time in the Sultanate that meets our client's needs and connecting them through the many advantages and unfinished connections that our & # 39; packaging. "

Al Kharousi said: "Al-Khorousy will pay QR 99 per month as a monthly subscription that will allow the subscribers to access the business and their families with internet or non-internet data -finished, non-endless local calls and unlimited SMS calls, and 40% discount on all international calls as long as they are in Oman, If they travel, the folder give them 5 gigabytes of internet data that can be used at an international globalization time, and 300 minutes for calls that come in. As our customers are, Resident and most desirable, the new folder offers them a variety of benefits such as managing a account manager to manage their accounts, a telephone center service 24 hours on 1221, a priority in service when they visit on the Omantel port, Road, and access to a VIP lounge at the Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport.

"The service can be ordered by visiting Omantel sites or recording through

What is followed by a member of the team within 24 hours of work, followed by the client's visit to the user to deliver the package.

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