OMV Ambassador Ivan Jakeš will go to Dakar with a clear goal: win


Ivan Jakeš's motorcycle cycling attempts to confirm the famous Dakar Rally again to entertain him.

  • OMV's Ambassador Ivan Jakeš will be racing for the famous Dakar Rally
  • Yakes will be using MaxxMotion's Fuels Coaching in everyday life to get the best outputs
  • OMV Slovakia is very much supporting his sporting career

Bratislava, 21.11.2018 – Ivan Jakeš's motorcycle cycling attempts to confirm again the famous Ralc in Dakar to entertain him. Six years ago, he finished in the fourth place, this year he would like to go to; winning the most challenging races in the world.

For less than seven weeks, Ivan Jakeš has been standing for eleven eleven at the beginning of the world's most famous race – Dakar Rally. "I, as every year, have the highest goals. I'm trying to win, not just to take part," said Jakeš.

As he lost the previous year, he agreed to prove his forces at the Rally of Morocco's Roar of Morocco by Dakar, who was a very good training for him. In October, he placed a good second place in Morocco in the motorcycle theme, he developed his historical skills and was very fast in sand dunes. After more than eighteen times of competition, it was only five minutes behind the Spanish-born Pedro García, the pace of the opponents was over two hours.

The product in Morocco suggests that it could be successful in Dakar, where there is a need for a number of other land and the best to be quick on each of them, whether they are on rocks, roads dusty, limewort or duck.

In Morocco, he has also looked at the new bike he prepares at Dakar Rally. According to him, he is happy with him and works well. Yakes thinks he will avoid the disaster in his & # 39; next year. In 2017, the lightning hit him through the race, and broke the arm. Previous year, when he fell, he struck his legs as the right knee and threw his finger on his left foot. But he was always fighting his & # 39; last minute.

"This sport is very happy, respected and experienced. If everything goes together and going out, it can be a good result. In addition, it really enjoyed disaster over the past two years, "said Jakeš, who does not want to end after years of race. "And people may say that it would be enough. But the race still enjoys me and, in particular, I am, so why should I finish it? "Jakeš said.

The first forty years of Dakar will be held between 6 and 17 January in Peru, for its sake. The first time in history, the event will not be held in one country. Starting and ending in Lima's capital city.

OMV welcomes and welcomes it. Supporting Ivan Jakeš in an effort to get the best out of his defensive playgrounds again. In 2013, he took his fourth place in his area. "OMV Traditionally Spookers hold on Ivan in its effort. Together we share their passion for motoring and the effort to achieve the best results. Ivan Jakeš when which will be placed in the OMV center in providing the highest quality services for motorists, "he decided OMV's marketing manager, Michaela Kuzmínová.

In his post, Ivan Jakeš did not use the best equipment to perform the play. He also keeps listening to; everyday life. This is why MaxxMotion Performance Fuels also have a breathable for their private and complete needs.

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