On finding a man threatening his daughter, he will be killed by 185 stab – The world


A woman suspects that she killed her companion with the couple's daughter using a kitchen knife last Saturday in Argentina.

Depending on the progressive Spanish newspaper Abcthe two women were killed Alberto Elvio Naiaretti with 185 crouching after he was caught out until he learned his youngest daughter.

Paola Naiaretti, 38, was waiting for the emergency crisis teams and the authorities to come out to acknowledge the crime. The woman admitted that she had killed her husband with a number of stabs in his head, chest and back.

She had a daughter at home at the time of the crime and the authorities were catching her on suspicion that she would help her mother to kill her father.

For the newspapers reporting, the community member knew where he lived as a "kennel" family that attacked many women. The woman had already stopped a number of domestic violence complaints, apparently taken over by authorities.

The case has got proportions and in the country it is already debated which course should be punished by Paola Naiaretti. The public opinion is divided: if, on the one hand, people defending the woman should be convicted of murder, on the other, then there are many people who believe that the woman should be convicted. a Paola prison sentence should be lit by protecting her daughter.

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